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  1. Destiny

    Yeah, I can do Friday.
  2. Destiny

    Yeah, Friday would be better for me, we can play later if needed as well.
  3. Destiny

    I'll join you guys for nightfall and PoE.
  4. Destiny

    No worries, I'll give it a go another time.
  5. Destiny

    Can't make tonight, cheers anyway though.
  6. Destiny

    Yeah, cheers guys for the flawless raid, did it first time and it got me my platinum. I'll be up for some POE, I might not be on till 9pm though.
  7. Destiny

    Yeah, tomorrow is fine, count me in.
  8. Destiny

    Count me in for another flawless raider try this week, last trophy I need. Well played you guys on reaching the lighthouse, not played any trials yet myself, hopefully try it out this weekend.
  9. Destiny

    I'm up for a flawless raider run, it's the last trophy I need for the platinum. Took me ages to decrypt all my engrams and packages, got quite a few new weapons and armour pieces. Seems I missed all the fire teams for tonight in the process though, never mind.
  10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    My copy just arrived!
  11. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    New Cinematic.
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Such a great little game, glad it ended up on plus so more people have got to experience it. I often go back and replay favourite levels just because it's so much fun! The soundtrack is indeed awesome, I've been using it on my phone for ringtones and notifications for a while now, which you can find Here if you're interested.
  13. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Hohokum is well worth checking out, great game that's full of whimsy and it has a sublime soundtrack. After the few bigger releases like Injustice and First Light it certainly seems like we're returning to more indie releases now.
  14. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Quiet month for me as I already have Guacamelee and Hohokum which are both great. Looking forward to trying The Unfinished Swan and Murasaki Baby though.
  15. Batman: Arkham Knight

    New trailer.
  16. Destiny

    Twitch reveal teaser.
  17. Bloodborne

  18. Bloodborne

    Yeah, really challenging Dungeon that one, it doesn't get any easier! You'll end up knowing the move set of every enemy and boss in there with the thought that some of them can one shot you.
  19. Bloodborne

    Platinum get! What a game! The main game was amazing and the Chalice Dungeons were a great addition as well, some of the dungeons can be hard to access due to the rarity of some ritual materials, but are definitely worth it as some of the depth 4/5 bosses offered me some of the best challenges in the game. Hopefully they have some great DLC planned for this in the future.
  20. Bloodborne

  21. Bloodborne

    Anyone else done the Defiled Chalice Dungeon yet? You have to do it with half health, it's causing me some problems and the bosses are a nightmare.
  22. Destiny

    No Raid activity in House of Wolves.
  23. Dark Souls II

    Think I'll be picking this up soon as well, Bloodborne isn't enough, I need more!
  24. Bloodborne

  25. Bloodborne

    Amazing boss that one, one of my favourites! I found two covenants on my playthrough, gives you access to some awesome gear. You can swap between covenants whenever as well so always worth joining.