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  1. Destiny

    I'll be on from 6pm tonight. @Daft I can help with the touch of malice quest.
  2. Destiny

    I can raid next week but can step aside if @Zell or @DriftKaiser are available seeing as they missed out this week. I can do Sat or Sun if you need to reschedule.
  3. Destiny

    I think they said the 310 would be nerfed to 290 and blueprints down to 280 to bring it in line with other exotics. I bought a load of 300 blueprints to infuse all my special weapons up to 300 and have a rubbish legendary infused at 308 from my 310 spindle ready to infuse into my weapon of choice.
  4. Destiny

    Yeah, the Black Spindle wrecks in the raid, I've infused my 310 one now ready for the incoming nerf. I'll be around later if people need help getting one. Got the machine gun and Titan mark last night from the raid so happy with that and picked up Touch of Malice from Eris, looks amazing but seems like a very situational weapon.
  5. Destiny

    Yeah, I can start at 7.30.
  6. Destiny

    I can raid this week if there is still space.
  7. Destiny

    Kingsfalls done! Awesome stuff Raid Bros @Daft @Zell @DriftKaiser @Eddage @Sheikah i really enjoyed that final boss fight. Well done Bungie on making a really fun raid.
  8. Destiny

    Yeah, no problem. Dead Orbit quest gives you a good ghost upgrade, It unlocks after the shield brothers strike, let me know if you need a hand.
  9. Destiny

    Like I said in my earlier post, I'm happy to take a step back from my own quests to help more people get up to raid level, so if you want to run strikes for better gear or need help with the daily story for legendary marks etc just give me a shout, I'll be on this evening.
  10. Destiny

    @Daft you can have my spot if you like, it doesn't sit right with me you're not getting to raid when you went to the trouble of trying to organise 2 raids last week. I was actually talking about this a bit with @Blade and @MilaGi in chat yesterday that people are gonna get left behind if the same group are raiding all the time. So, I'm gonna take a step back and maybe help people get up to speed as the sooner we have 2 raid teams the easier it will be and im in no rush to get through the content anyway.
  11. Destiny

    I'm free Tuesday if there is still space.
  12. Destiny

    Crucible preview event next week.
  13. Destiny

    8pm is fine with me, @MilaGi said he might be up for the third spot tomorrow.
  14. Destiny

    I'm so in! The stream was great, everything looks amazing!
  15. Destiny

  16. Destiny

    Sorry, can't make tonight, gonna be out most of the weekend. I'll be free on Monday though if you haven't done it by then.
  17. Destiny

    I should be on by 7pm so happy to start at any time from then.
  18. Destiny

    I remember that! Trying to take down ? level enemies in the beta and failing, great screenshot!
  19. Destiny

    Yeah, 8pm is fine with me.
  20. Destiny

    @Daft I'm up for Crota as well, still need the crux. @Eddage I still need to do Skolas as well for year one triumphs so count me in for that.
  21. Rocket League

    Yeah, I'll be up for this.
  22. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Just finished this, amazing game and certainly a GOTY contender. I ended up at level 36 and went for a magic build on my character and master crafted the Griffin armour and weapons for dat sign intensity bonus! I don't usually replay long games like this but I can see me playing through this again with a different character build and armour set and maybe trying the death march setting at some point, maybe just before the first DLC drops as I'll definitely be picking it up.
  23. Rocket League

    Had some insane games online tonight with @Daft and @MilaGi, we didn't lose a match and racked up a 10 game winning streak, so much fun! Got the platinum as well!
  24. Destiny

    Yeah, I can do tonight.