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  1. Year of Shame Challenge

    Good luck to you flameboy. I started mine back in mid Sept when I cancelled my ps4 preorder and have nothing like the amount of games that your "team" have 10-15 excluding all the ps+ that'll come in during the year As an MLG listener Daren and Matt could have done a better job of plugging the first years shows on their flagship show. I didn't even realise there was one until I was on midlifegamer and went to read the article about their experiences when it had all finished. Maybe get them to plug yours! I'm glad you've set those new rules as I've taken the YOS challenge to mean a way of actually getting the most from your games, saving money and not jumping in on every deal and steam sale rather than what I took from the original shows as a space saving exercise I heard the podcast introduction you could have done with mentioning you twitter handle and maybe a set place where everyone doing the same thing can commiserate/celebrate what they are doing Just 10 and a half months to go..........Happy gaming