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  1. Someone answer this question please.

    Firstly I think that the progressive scan only applies to new titles. Secondly the Wii comes packaged with component cables.
  2. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Until I see Iwata stand up at E3 and call Revo the Nintendo Wii, I'm calling this as a joke/marketing ploy. That name is terrible.
  3. I posted this on the IGN boards but since no one there can engage in constructive debate, I thought that I would try here instead. The latest confirmation of the horse-power of the Revolution didn't surprise me at all. Nintendo have been saying since E3 2005 that the Revo would not compete just based on graphical superiority. Yet at the same time Nintendo knows that graphics are important for the consumer, it's the first port of call when deciding to buy a game; the potential buyer will say to himself "Do the graphics look good?" However I think that the graphics will look good. Remember Iwata's famous comment, he said that when you see Revolution's graphics "You will say WOW!" I believe this will be achieved in two ways, firstly exactly as Matt has recently stated. Nintendo have a great history of making the most out of the hardware that they have in their systems (e.g. Metroid & Resident Evil on GCN or Goldeneye & Zelda on N64), it will be the same for Revolution. Second and more importantly the Revolution will feature a visual disruptor. What I mean by this is that the Revolution will have a way of displaying the graphics in a way previously unseen in console gaming. I don't know how this will be done or by what technology but all the signs point to this: # A console with low specs, as stated by IGN, would not cost a lot of money to produce. "But the Revolution will be cheap!" I hear you say, true but unless they're planning to sell it for $100 then they'll be making loads of money off of each machine. # Miyamoto and others have made cryptic comments about games filling whole rooms or about not using TVs to display graphics. # Insider quotes proclaiming unseen features of Revolution, such as this recent one from Pandemic studios; "we've actually just seen some things behind closed doors that are just mind-blowing." Think about this, everyone knows that DS was a test-bed for the Revolution formula and philosophy. Innovative control and newer fresher games. Lets compare each aspect of two systems: Aspect of System - DS - Revolution 1. Innovative control - stylus and touch screen, microphone - FHC, maybe a microphone? 2. Online play - Wifi connection - expanded Wifi connection 3. Games - New fresh games - new fresh games 4. Backwards comp. - GBA slot - virtual console 5. Expense - cheaper than competition - cheaper than competition 5. Visual - two screens - ??? So what is missing from this mix for Revolution, the visual element. Satoru Iwata @ GDC - "There are some other unique features of the Nintendo Revolution hardware that we haven't discussed yet that we will be announcing at E3." So in conclusion don't be too down-heartened by this latest specs news. I think that Nintendo still has a few tricks left up it's sleeve.
  4. GDC- what will be revealed?

    Zogdog reports that Iwata has been working on his speech for months; Iwatasan's keynote will "contain significant editorial value and developer takeaway." Between MCV, ONM and this I'm starting to be hopeful of some new information at GDC.
  5. GDC- what will be revealed?

    Zogdog reports that Iwata has been working on his speech for months, Iwatasan's keynote will "contain significant editorial value and developer takeaway." Between MCV, ONM and this I'm starting to be hopeful of some new information at GDC.
  6. GDC- what will be revealed?

    I'm expecting new Zelda:TP info and possibly the new name for Revolution. I doubt we'll see anything more than the name for Revolution though.
  7. GDC- what will be revealed?

    Iwatasan will be delivering a key-note speech entitled "Disrupting Development" at GDC, on Thursday the 23rd of March between 10:30 – 11:30am (local time). The Official Nintendo UK mag did say that Revolution would be discussed, however we all know how wrong they have been in the past (stand also the power supply ). The usually very reliable MCV also has an article claiming that there will be new Revo details at GDC. From the MCV article "senior sources suggest Iwata will choose to make key announcements, possibly including pricing and release details" at GDC. So fingers crossed.
  8. Ultrajamie's Revolution thoughts (sold my 360)

    I agree with you expect for the display part. I think that a novel 3D display technology, far from putting people off, would hook them in. If a casual gamer saw something that cool they would instantly be hooked.
  9. Sony's Revolution Killer...

    If this is true then it's a very clever move by Sony. Not only does it put the Rev in competition with current gen hardware (thus making the Rev seem underpowered), it lets Sony fight on two fronts (the 360 with the PS3 and the Rev with a PS2 hybrid). However if the final secret of the Rev is some kind of novel 3D display, then it will make the PS2 hybrid look like a silly toy.
  10. The "Spike: Game Head" Reggie interview video is now available online. It's a really good watch, you can find links here.
  11. Revolution USB

    Firstly Nintendo would have to build in the necessary memory management (both for user and internal), libraries and drivers needed to plug-in USB mem, hard disk, keyboard, mouse etc. Guys this simply isn't going to happen, Nintendo wants to make things more simple not more compliacated! Second the 802.11 standard is a data tranfer protocol, so it won't be used for a controller. You wouldn't use an ethernet cable to connect a controller to a console either :wink:. Sony are using Bluetooth and MS are using a proprietary format. Nintendo will probably use bluetooth.
  12. I think this pretty much confirms that Zelda will have some sort of extra content for the Rev (compatible with FHC). This is what I expected and this will be a good for Revolution.
  13. Linky Reggie has confirmed that Zelda: TP has been delayed until Autumn (probably to coincide with the release of the Rev). He reaffirmed that Revolution will be realeased this year. Also mentioned was that the original model of the DS will be phased out after the release of the DS Lite.
  14. Possible Rev tech specs information

    The original Revolution Lifestyle post has been updated saying that this is fake. I'm not sure why they think so, but they're probably right.
  15. Possible Rev tech specs information

    Could the efficiency references point to some new method of speeding up real-time rendering. There has been much talk of the lower power of the Rev still being able to produce graphics comparable with its more meaty competitors. Possible technologies include displacement mapping, cube mapping, parallax mapping, NURBS or Fast14 logic process (descriptions of these and more can be found at the Nintendo-Revolution blog). Nintendo patents in this area: Anti-aliasing Bump mapping Interleaving This could of course just be Nintendo optimising the Rev hardware, as they did with the Gamecube.