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  1. Creating Music...on the pc?!

    Alright thanks guys. I'm looking into getting a keyboard and Ill find out more regarding Cubase. : peace:
  2. Creating Music...on the pc?!

    Creating would probably be my best best due to lack of proper input devices.
  3. Hi all I'm genuinely interested in producing music on the PC. Problem is, I have no idea how to go about it. I have a professional mic for voice recording but thats about it. I'm a novice piano player but that is what I'd love to record. Any suggestions on beginner keyboard (not too large...not too expensive ) or the like (or even if it is necessary - I'd be happy to not use a midi input device if it would save me money - at first of course. I also have no idea what software to get. I once tried fruity loops but it confused the hell out of me and Im not sure it was the right software for me either. Sorry for the rather convoluted post...I'm tired... Any musicians here that could lend me a hand? Just general suggestions or recommendations would be amazing. Thanks, Nucleus
  4. Hi all. Just attempting to render some video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. One of the main parts of the video is a slideshow accompanied by music. I am having a bit of trouble in that when I render the video, on watching it I find that timings between frame changes are off. One of the main focuses of this slideshow is that the images change in time with the music and after working so painstakingly on the timeline to get these changes right, it seems that post-render, all my hard work is down the tubes. Any idea how I can rectify this problem? Thanks Nucleus
  5. Do my Penguin for me

    Thanks so much. That question has been bugging me for ages.
  6. Do my Penguin for me

    Quick question! The Bohr Shift in the blood occur s as a result of the increased acidity of the blood. This happens because increased levels of CO2 during periods of high respiration form H+ cations. However, at the same time, CO3- anions are being produced. The equation is as follows: CO2+ H2O <--> H+ + HCO3− Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like equal molar concentrations of acidic H+ and alkaline HCO3- are being produced. If this is the case, why does the blood become more acidic. Shouldn't it remain the same as the two products cancel each other out?
  7. BSOD

    Hi all, Sorry, I didn't catch the actual stop code on the BSOD. I assume that the information below is the stop code anyway. Any ideas what it means? Thanks Nucleus
  8. Very strange PC crashes...

    I've been a bit busy with exams at the moment, so i've put everything on hold. I did however remove the card so my brother could hopefully use his new computer... Taking it out worked. The PC now works fine. Tommorow when i'm free I will replace the PSU with a spare I have lying around and put the card back in. Its not the best in the world - 500W but by a company called Magna... If that doesn't work, I'll try your suggestion of reinstalling XP. Thanks for all the help guys - I really appreciate it. : peace:
  9. Very strange PC crashes...

    That explains the original crash. But why does it continue to happen? Windows won't load, yet it worked fine after installing the card.
  10. Hi all My brother just got a new PC (HP Compaq DX2300) yesterday. I just upgraded it with a new graphics card (Asus 512mb EN8600GT Magic) and installed the appropriate drivers. Afterwards, I installed Oblivion with all of the expansion packs and patches. He began to play but we had to go out for a bit. On returning, the PC had completely frozen and the image on screen was normal except for a number of boxy sections (can't really desribe it that well). I thought it was strange and assumed I had a driver issue. I restarted it for him and left the room. He called me back sounding worried and I saw the normal "Windows did not start successfully. Open in safe mode, last previous working config. etc..." Except the entire screen was littered with $ signs. I waited for the count down to finish; wanting to see what happened. The windows loading screen came on for 2-3 seconds, then a sudden flash of the BSOD and then a restart back to the screen with the $ signs. What on earth could be the problem? As I typed this I suddenly thought about the power supply. I've checked the spec online and it says it is only 250W. Might this be the problem? Is it too low for the graphics card? Wierd thing is, the computer was working fine earlier, he was enjoying a game of BF2 perfectly well. Anyway, I hope you guys can help. Thanks, Nucleus
  11. Home Media Networking...System?

    Bump (sorry).
  12. Home Media Networking...System?

    Sorry for the late reply for this; I've been busy and this thread slipped my mind. Thanks for the posts so far. As for a budget, I'm not quite sure what the range for a setup like this would be. Could you perhaps provide a range (i.e. min and max) figure for a home setup? Sorry I can't be more specific. I spoke to my Dad and he said maybe £300. This is more of a ballpark figure however; it is not a definate max cost as, like I said, I have no idea about the sort of costs involved with a project like this. As for speakers, I believe that the primary use for the living room sound system would be for movies. However, any future speakers around the house would most likely be for movies (yet as I said, this is something for the future). I'd heard of Apple TV previously but never actually knew what it was. It looks quite interesting. I'll definately consider it as a possibility.
  13. Hey all, My Dad and I were browsing through PC World (I know, I know...) yesterday and I started to describe to him the "wonders of modern media entertainment". I have been listening for a while now, as I'm sure have many of you, about the next generation of home cinema/music/internet and how everything is becoming linked together - what with video/music streaming through the house, home servers to store all your media, Windows Media Centre, wireless shit everywhere...We're pretty baffled here. Here's what we're looking to do. The TV in the living room downstairs has a DVD player and Sky Plus. We also have a Hi-Fi in there, connected to some big speakers round the room (this thing is quite old: cassette player, cables connect to speakers via screws which trap the wires in place - unless that’s common place. I'm not sure...). We're looking to buy a new Hi-Fi and speaker system (5.1) and it would be great if the TV could connect to the speakers as well (wireless speakers?). Now, I’m not sure about having a PC downstairs. Is this necessary? I don't really understand the concept of having a PC connected to the TV. Is it better to just connect it to speakers rather than having a separate Hi-Fi? Is there a choice between this and having streaming from the computers upstairs? As for music, we are looking to stream round the house, i.e. kitchen, living room, bedrooms. This seems to be a bit of an unnecessary pipe-dream though. However, we are certain that we want to stream to the living room (possibly adding speakers in other rooms at a later date). How would this work? Would you need to stream the same music to all of the speakers or could you have it set up to produce different music in various rooms? - Streaming video would be a nice touch as well (living room only of course). We're looking to buy a few digital photo frames to display around the house. I know that you can buy ones which accept streaming from your PC but as with everything else, it must be compatible. I'm sorry to unload this onto all of you and I hope it isn't too cheeky, but I'm really confused with all the different setups. I would really like to attempt this myself without calling a professional but I need a basic layout first. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. Nucleus.
  14. Another GC to PC Thread!

    I'm almost certain that it does take composite, simply because i'm pretty damn sure that the composite to s-video cable I told you about came with the card itself. And I can't seem to find any blog post on the subject.
  15. Another GC to PC Thread!

    Hi all, I just got a new computer with a lovely new screen (along with some other lovely goodies). My room is pretty much pimped out except - *gasp* No console! Now the Wii is situated downstairs and I cant be arsed to unplug it all (besides, its set up perfectly). However, the GC has been left all alone in the cupboard for a few months now. I thought it would be the perfect time to pull it out. My PC has a x1950 pro graphics card which has an s-video port. Upon further research, this is apparently both S-video in AND S-video out (correct me if i'm wrong). My Cube has both digital and analog AV outs. I am also the owner of a component (female) to S-video (male). Unfortunately, my GC AV cable is analog to scart (the three cables, not the single box scart). SO... Any ideas on what I should do next? Is this mini-project possible? Thanks guys!