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  1. that documentary is really lacks focus, documentation (obviously) and above all objectivity. What is she trying to accomplish dedicating half the documentary on epilepsy-warnings without even saying one word about the other companies. As if Nintendo is the only videogame company who has this problem. Some parts are interesting, it lacks a lot as well. Why doesn't she say anything about innovating the market with the analog stick, rumble pack, genre-defining games(ok, that's free-advertising, but it's true, god d*** it. Think I should be satisfied with her acknowledging miyamoto's genius). Why didn't she say anything about Iwata ? The list goes on... P.S.: I'm belgian as well, from "Sinnekloas" Nice to see some fellow men around here. "Der zin vil te weinig nintendo-fans in België"
  2. So let's hope you can switch it on manually in the "home" menu. Otherwise the pal gamecube games won't be able to. Would be cool to see some graphical improvement in my old cube games.
  3. uhm, don't you need the component cable (which is an optional accessory in the US, alongside the s-video cable) to display progressive scan? I think you can't output a progressive scan signal through a rgb or scart cable.
  4. My parents recently bought a glorious 40" hd-tv. I know, "La victoria siempre" won't support hd, but will it support progressive scan in Europe? As you probably all know, the gamecube supported progressive scan in the US, but this feature was left out in Europe. The reason obviously was the fact that we are always one tv-generation behind. Luckily now, hd-tv are getting cheaper and cheaper. High-definition displays are gradually dripping in European households and sooner or later everybody will have one. So the 2 big questions are: Are we going to be able to play our rev-games in progressive scan, and will our pal-gamecube games be compatible as well ? P.S.: I used to be a regular poster a while ago (especially preceding the gamecube launch), but for some reason my account vanished. oh well
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