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  1. Sue them for False Advertisement. Seriously.
  2. Got a new lid online, should be here next week. http://www.g-max.com/gmax/gm68s.html# http://www.gmaxhelmet.com/ got the dark silver/titanium color scheme.:awesome:
  3. aww man, I liked that show. though I never had the time to watch it, cause of work, I was hoping to just buy the seasons as they came out.
  4. Ain't that the fucking truth!
  5. Bought me a pair of Frank-Thomas XTi Aqua Jean motorcycle pants, and a pair of Frank-Thomas Inner Gloves for the cold nights up ahead. Would post pic but I'm going out to go use them some more. Now I just need the XTi leather jacket and I'm set.
  6. Hasn't that been out for a while... I remember seeing trailers for it last year.
  7. Drinking to get drunk is for Cunt faggots, who think they are sssoooooo cool, and don't know a good quality beer (or lager) if the bottle hit them in the face. But I guess its better for those type of people, at least they won't remember the anal rape. Sorry if I didn't give a straight answer, or one at all. I just had to blow off some steam, still a little disappointed from yesterday, nintendo
  8. Thats odd. You need an IGN Insider account to view that video, and the other ones as well. Yet I was able to watch them, in HD, and I don't have an Insider account.
  9. doesn't work as in, its not working, or it doesn't do it for you? Just in case it was the first reason, here is the youtube ver..
  10. I laughed so fucking hard at this. These guys are awesome. Plus this one is really weird, and funny. http://games.ign.com/dor/articles/855949/mega64-on-ign/videos/mega64ignwiifit.html There are other videos, but this one takes the cake...... mmmmmmm cake.
  11. Yup pretty much how I feel as well.
  12. yes I did, i studied art history in high school for more than 2 years, and modern contemporary art in college for 1. I know why he did it, especially the history behind Guernica. Don't assume you are better by believing that most of us no nothing except video games. And BTW you probably didn't read my whole post, as I said that alot of people were afraid to say it looks shit, just like most of the music scene now.
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