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  1. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    I just cleared that big room shortly after you fight the first 'prisoner' and just before you have to stop the guys on the walkway taking ashley and thought 'jobs a good'un' only for me to slash at a vase with my knife and ashley to stand up right behind me and die.
  2. problems with the wiimote?

    PC's have hardly struggled with not having a look button for FPS games and just having a bounding box instead and the wiimote can work on exactly the same principle. It just needs to be done better. I don't think for most games you need to simulatenously control the camera and the character - simple solution is on any camera game use the 'C' button to centre the camera or hold it down and use the analogue stick to position the camera where you want (as with the right stick).
  3. ScarFace: The World is Yours

    Mine arrived this morning and I'm quite impressed so far. Its all very well presented and the opening level is fantastic, looks like it has a hell of a lot of promise from what I've played. Controls are pretty good although the aiming isn't as good as Resi 4, cursor tends to go off screen more often. There are a few different camera control schemes available, only tried two so far and both seem ok, not brilliant but I've only played it for around 20 minutes so far. Graphics are a bit ugly but much like GTA there's a lot going on at once and its very smooth so its totally forgiveable. Overall so far it seems like a hell of a lot of fun and a very authentic game of the license. If you like Scarface/GTA then I'd definitley go for it.
  4. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    The thing is that the original Mario Smash Football got slated widely by magazines and received disappointing reviews at best. NGamer (UK) berate it at every opportunity. I think anyway who liked the original will surely love this as it just seems to be a refined version.
  5. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Excellent news. Makes up my decision on whether or not to replay Resi 4 again. I've listed both my PS2 and Gamecube versions on eBay as frankly right now I need the money - I was gonna keep them and play them again if we weren't gonna get Resi 4 till November or something but no need now.
  6. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    On screens I think it looks better than the Cube version, slightly - seems clearer, probably due to a higher resolution but nothing more. At the end of the day ports are the perfect way to try things out on a new system. Capcom release an existing game, which will take relatively little time to port over - sell it at a budget price and both the consumer and Capcom get a quick and easy way of seeing how proper Resi (And similar games) can work on the Wii.
  7. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Resi 4 is probably my favourite game ever. I own it on both PS2 and GC and this version, as long as it turns out well should give me the best of both worlds + improved controls and proper widescreen Not only that but I'll make more than the money RE4 Wii will cost me by selling the other 2 versions. Hurrah.
  8. Beyond Good and Evil realistic?

    Frederick Raynal (An absolutely superb french developer, better than Ancel in my opinion - Alone in the Dark, LBA and Toy Commander are his biggest titles) and Little Big Adventure (Essientally a BG&E style game but done about 10-15 years ago - gameplay differences obviously because of its age but BG&E was inspired by it apparently) is now reportedly under Ubi Softs roof. It has a bigger fanbase and better sales behind in than BG&E so to be honest the chances of a BG&E sequel are probably smaller than they were before .
  9. Rumor: New Wii Games From Konami

    A football game (Probably a Wii PES, possibly a return to ISS just incase it doesn't work out, ala the early Xbox/Cube games) and a DDR game are inevitable, if not with this batch of games then in the near future. I would like to see a big franchise brought to the Wii - Kojima has said he likes the Wii but also I seem to remember him saying there won't be another MGS game whilst MGS4 is in production, Portable Ops was started before apparently so that doesn't count. A modernised Castlevania that brought its story telling and atmosphere into this decade would be very welcome but another Castlevania 64 style mess is best avoided. I think it could work if it played a bit like a combination between God of War and Prince of Persia with Castlevanias own style imo. A new franchise, with the potential to be an MGS style/quality of franchise would be class but I don't think Konami have really pushed a big new franchise/idea in a good while.
  10. As I've said before, I wouldn't totally like to see the back of Dr. Mario - I don't imagine it would be hugely difficult to keep him but as an alternative costume for Mario. Keep the same moveset obviously, just have the fireballs changed for pills for that suit. To be honest when it comes to third parties I'm not really fussed beyond Snake and Sonic. I'd love to see a character from FF7 but given that game wasn't on a Nintendo system I can understand why they wouldn't make the cut. I don't think Resi characters really have enough of a character, history or enough individuality to really suit Smash Bros and I don't think Megaman or Rayman are big enough, or likeable enought to appear. Unless we could get Cloud and Sephiroth then I'd just stick to Sonic and Snake, maybe throw in Robotnik as well but I wouldn't want to see too many Sonic characters. 1. Mario (w/ Dr. Mario as one alternate costume) 2. Paper Mario 3. Luigi 4. Peach (w/ Daisy as one alternate costume) 5. Bowser 6. Wario 7. Link 8. Child Link (WW Style, as that his how he has always appeared since that game) 9. Zelda (but I'd probably drop the Sheikh transformation, I'd rather see a warrior type Zelda as she appeared in TP) 10. Ganondorf (With his own unique moveset this time) 11. An Animal Crossing Character (Nook using shop items as weapons perhaps) 12. Donkey Kong 13. Kirby 14. Meta Knight 15. Pikachu 16. Jigglypuff 17. Mewtwo 18. Sonic 19. Robotnik 20. Solid Snake 21. Your selected Mii (With Wii Sports/Play/Music based attacks) 22. Mr. Game & Watch 23. Yoshi 24. Samus (w/ Zero Suit Transformation - Sheikh style) 25. Ridley 26. Fox McCloud 27. A Fire Emblem Character (Roy/Marth? Not played path of radiance so I wouldn't know who to go with) 28. Captain Falcon 29. Pit 30. Olimar (Pikmin as Attacks) I think that covers all major Nintendo franchises and adds a bit more depth to what was in Melee whilst creating a good, round number. I think some games, where the franchise is big but there isn't really a character established enough to have something developed around them in Smash Bros (Such as the Wars series, and the other Wario Ware characters) could have a few levels based on them or something along those lines, I think other classic series' such as Wave Race, 1080, Excite Bike/Truck, Balloon Flight, Ice Climbers etc. would work fine with levels based on them as well, its a homage to them without adding some completely crap characters.
  11. Exactly - adds a bit of variety, much as I'd much rather see Paper Mario than Dr. Mario as he could have a totally different moveset and look totally different.
  12. I lost a good friend of mine a few days ago in a tragic accident and I know how much that hit me and I can only imagine it being harder to lose a sibling. Sorry to hear that man, stay strong and you and your family will get through this.
  13. I'm sure plenty of games in those genres will come, is just a matter of time - all I eamn is that at this moment in time there aren't enough games I'd want to play over Live. Gears is the only game that I own that I really want to boot up on Live.
  14. My router is in the hall, the 360 is in my bedroom. A wired connection isn't convenient for me, wireless can be convenient for everyone, those who prefer the stability of a wired connection should of course have it offered to them, whilst I'm aware the Wii doesn't do that the adaptor will cost nothing like the 360's wireless one will. If I could get a wireless card for my 360 for £20-25 then I'd be fine, paying more than double that is ridiculous though. As I've already said, what Silver offers is great for me. Its free and easy to use although I can't keep it permanently connected and being able to download demo's in particular has really helped improve the 360 experience for me. Nintendo's service isn't much different though bar the lack of demos, something which I'm sure will be sorted in time. Instead of that though we have the browser which I've found incredibly handy, not for browsing but for watching videos from bed. That's something which is free for the time being and will cost a couple of quid upon release, not to mention that its something that the 360 doesn't offer. However Gold, and playing online games in full doesn't have enough of an appeal to me for the price I'd have to pay and as I've already said, I know I'm not the only one. As for different types of games, an online RPG (that is actually decent), an online strategy game or something like that would be nice.
  15. The things I said, if I must I'll bullet them for you. 1. The Price of a subscription 2. The lack of Wireless out of the box and the utterly extortionate price to get a wireless apapter (£65 when you can buy a 2nd hand DS that can do the same, and many more for the same price) 3. The lack of variety of games (not in my original points but in retrospect a very valid one) Given I don't have the time to regularly play online games it really isn't worth my while to get into it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  16. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Some games in the timeline are linked, thats clear, its just the overall placing in a timeline thats all over the place. Minish Cap and Four Swords/Four Swords Adventure are clearly linked by storyline. Given that the end of FSA links to LttP (which in turn leads on to Links Awakening) we can assume that they are all connected Minish Cap - Four Swords/Adventure - LttP - Links Awakening We also know that Ocarina and Majoras Mask are linked to each other chronologically. Nintendo said that Twilight Princess was set after OoT (and their are references to OoT) and we know that Wind Waker is. So assuming that the split timeline theory is rubbish then we can safely link those together. We also know that the forthcoming Phantom Hourglass is a direct sequel to Wind Waker. Ocarina - Majoras Mask - Twilight Princes - Wind Waker - Phantom Hourglass We also know (as with most of these cases, from the manual) that Zelda 1 and 2 take place in the same timline. Zelda 1 - Zelda 2 According to the manuals and the designers the oracles games took place one after the other, not in individual timelines but that the order doesn't matter. Oracle of Ages - Oracle of Seasons The question is, where do those four timelines fit in together. Here's my theory... Minish & FS/FSA are for me the starting points in the series and they hint at this themselves, FSA is the first appearance of Ganon and he gets the triforce of power which is used in Link to the Past. After Link to the Past link leaves Hyrule which is now safe and goes to train, his boat is shipwrecked and in my versions of events he never finds his way back to Hyrule which I believe was hinted at by Ninty at some point but don't quote me on that. Then many years later Ganon, who has returned in the form of Ganondorf appears and OoT begins. He of course ultimately returns to his form of Ganon at the end of the game and is defeated and sealed away. Link then leaves Hyrule and ends up in Termina for the events of Majora's Mask and never returns to Hyrule. Many years later in a much changed Hyrule the events of TP take place and the world is returned to peace. However Ganondorf eventually returns and wreaks havoc on Hyrule who pray for the hero of time (the only hero they were really aware of) to save them, he never appears nor does another hero and Hyrule is flooded. Wind Waker happens and that Link defeats Ganondorf before leaving to search for new lands. This is for me where the rest of the games come in - Link finds new lands in PH and the Oracles of games and in the Oracles games finds people trying to resurrect Ganon. Ultimately despite his efforts Ganon is resurrected and Hyrule is unflooded, leaving it a mess of a land, savaged by beasts. Link saves this land and then goes to wake Zelda in Zelda 2. The Link from WW could be that same Link, simply grown up or a new one. Thats my theory anyway.
  17. I'll go against logic with this one

    Fanboyish? Please, I'm not a twelve year old kid who gets my kicks off arguing with people on forum. I haven't got the need, the time or the desire to be fanboyish. I own a Wii, a 360 and a PS2 and have enjoyed a mix of games across each system, I have no platform preference whatsoever. Let me ask you this? When did I mention Angel of Darkness, there's a major difference between that old PS2 title and Legends on the 360. But between Legends on the Xbox and on the 360? Its at a better resolution and some of the textures are enhanced, thats the only real difference and yes, I have played both version. Gun and King Kong are exactly the same. Its the same difference as displayed with the PC versions, a slight enhancement but nothing huge. Sunshine was a game which was at times very rough around the edges, that of course didn't spoil my enjoyment of it. It was a fantastic game that was very beautiful in places but it also looked quite rough at times. The difference stounds out a lot better in motion but compare two similar boss battles and you can see the difference. Galaxy looks a step up from Sunshine in much the same way that games such as Gears of War look a step up from Xbox games like Brute Force. (I think that was the Xbox's Gears style game anyway that was supposed to be the next big thing and flopped) At the end of the day when it boils down to it I think at this stage its a bit petty for graphics to be such a big issue. We've reached a stage where great graphics can be achieved easily and whilst you get developers that can't be arsed (Step forward Ubi Soft) and that isn't on, the majority of games at current Wii/Xbox/Cube/PS2 level can still be beautiful enough to create immersive, impressive worlds. The game that has immersed me most in the last 2 years was Fahrenheit for PS2, a much uglier game than anything on my 360 yet I adored that and was utterly gripped, something I can't say for a single title on my 360 inspite of its vastly superior graphics. I can still play it now, having experienced games that look like Gears of War etc. and still be just as immersed. With Wii we're not paying the price for the hardware, we're paying the price for the new control system with its refined last gen hardware. With 360/PS3 we're paying the price for the hardwore, the control system is merely a refined version of the last gen control scheme. Wii could of course have been a 360 crippling HD beast of a machine yet it would have lost its small, slick design and lost its accessible price tag. That would have been a much greater shame than having graphics that are still fantastic for the most part.
  18. I've had a 360 since September and owned an Xbox for several years yet the only times I have used Xbox Live have been to download demo's off marketplace. Playing online games against strangers has little appeal to me and managing to fit in the time to organise online games with my mates around our working hours and own schedules is difficult, its easier to organise a much more enjoyable night in playing split screen together. In terms of online I'm using my Wii more than the 360 for the simple reason that it can connect wirelessly out of the box, expecting you to pay £65 for the privelege of going wireless in this day and age is outrageous. Microsofts Live System may have a lot of good points but the system still needs a lot of work in my opinion to make it appealing or worthwhile to me (and I know I'm not the only one) so they should correct that before they start making accusations in my eyes.
  19. I'll go against logic with this one

    Well yeah, and as yet it isn't there but in all honesty the Wii doesn't have the power to push games that look like Gears, Lost Planet etc. at us and if it did it would have cost a lot more. I'm personally happy with games that look like Resident Evil 4 on a system thats much cheaper. I still think Resi 4 still looks gorgeous, in spite of owning some of the best looking 360 games.
  20. I'll go against logic with this one

    Nor have I but if you watch both games in motion or even look at screenshots the difference is very clear.
  21. I'll go against logic with this one

    Their have been very few system launches that have not been filled with ports of previous gen games with identical, or barely improved graphics from the last gen. Look at the 360 launch - Did King Kong really look any better than the Xbox version? Quake 4 much better than Doom 3 on Xbox? Gun better than the Xbox version? No, not at all. Infact on an SD TV the difference wasn't even noticeable. Not to mention that the 360 is hugely more powerful than the Xbox. Even the games that followed - Far Cry, Tomb Raider etc. didn't look much better and its only recently we've seen games that take full advantage of the hardware launching. Now the Wii is only twice as powerful as gamecube, a console that saw a lot of gorgeous games but we will never see leaps in graphics quality of the size that ultimately there will be between Xbox and Xbox 360 games. However how anyone can look at games like Mario Galaxy and not notice the huge difference between that and Sunshine is beyond me. None of the games released so far have exactly been graphical powerhouses but in the cases of Wii Play, Wii Sports and Wario Ware I can't see much room for improvement, the graphical style suits what the game is and there's nothing much that could be done save for totally changing the style of the game. Yes, there have been a good few lazy ports so far that don't look as good as a lot of Gamecube games but that is an inevitably early in a systems life, I have no doubts that as time goes by we'll see much more impressive Wii games and right now frankly the graphics in games like Zelda are perfectly adequate.
  22. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Surely that'd make Zelda - "Queen Zelda" as opposed to merely "Princess Zelda". I just think the simple explanation is that Nintendo didn't think these things through properly and questioning it will probably just baffle us all.
  23. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Not really played this in a few days, been fairly underwhelmed so far - Wind Waker and Ocarina totally gripped me, particularly WW and even Majoras Mask managed to keep me really interested to begin with - it was only when you got into it properly and came across the annoying save system that it went down hill, loaded with character though. This so far doesn't feel epic, is totally lacking in character and has had a fair few irritating moments. Don't get me wrong its good but its not even approaching great so far, at the moment I'm at the bit where Midna summons the bird thing in Twilight and it carries you and I keep crashing, it doesn't seem to be particularly manouverable.
  24. Smash Bros on Gamecube used the following to my memory... Up on the Stick/X/Y to jump The other directions on the stick for movement A for melee attacks B for special attacks Z for Grab R/L for Shield D-Pad for Taunts C-Stick for easy Smash Moves Wii can easily replicate that... Up on the Stick to Jump Other Directions for Movement A for Melee B for Special Z for Grab C for Shield D-Pad for Taunts All it loses are the easy Smash Moves which frankly are cheap anyway but could be replicated with a waggle of the Wii Remote if felt necessary. It means that you don't need to splash out on Gamecube controllers/Classic controllers if you don't have them and frankly it'd work just as well. Just because the Wii remote has all these fancy abilities doesn't mean it needs to be used for that. It has all the same buttons and functions of a regular controller too.
  25. Wii Sports 2?!

    If they're planning to release Wii Sports 2 it'll no doubt be a full price title and if it is they need depth. I'm thinking the entire Wii Sports one with a bit of gloss (more courses on golf, more courts on tennis, unlockables etc.), online play and a 'Pro' option (for Tennis at least, its the only one where it'd really make a difference where you can move your character with the nunchuk analogue stick. That'd add a bit of polish and depth to the original package. Then of course the new Sports come in - I'd love to see Athletics types events, running, javelin, discus etc., the motorsports (like a mini wave race/excite bike/pilotwings game - in the style of that airplane demo we saw at E3) and then some of the suggest ones such as basketball and swimming. None of the games would have to be massively in depth, all just samplers of what could be done with a full game but at the same time as a full blown title a bit more depth (in the respect of having more courses/options or just lots of games) would make it well worthwhile. Its something I'd certainly like to see anyway.