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  1. Best alcohol when on a diet?

    It really does depend on the manufacturer of the drink and whats availiable in the pub at the time. Drinking a extremely dry wine or cider would be the best bet i.e no added sugar. In this situation the sugars should have completely fermented out and you get the most alcohol for the smallest amount of unfermented sugars. The best thing is make your own then you can control the amount of unfermented sugar in it. However remember alcohol on it own will still give you calories to burn. Looking at my hydrometer scale the following amounts of sugar show just how much it takes to make just the varying amounts of alcohol in the drink. 78g of sugar per litre-3.9% 104g of sugar per litre-5.2% 248g of sugar per litre-12.3% Alcoholic drink with all the sugar fermented at around 3.9% is atleast 156 calories a half litre (not to far off a pint). Hope you enjoyed this long boring post, but the extremely broad generalisations were getting to me
  2. Drug Films

    Its not really a 'drug movie' but Visitor Q by Takeshi Miike has a family of misfits with thier own set of vices. Its mild amusing while being genuinely disgusting to watch which is good.
  3. Cancer rise

    Its EM radiation but its not the same. Tv and radio are generally lower frequency and don't transmit as well as receive. I personally don't go around with a tv next to my face either
  4. Drug Films

    Withnail & I is a classic
  5. Its amazing what nature provides. :wink:
  6. Mine dont know there are psilocybin mushrooms in the garden :P
  7. The big filesharing debate

    If someone took a drawing of mine and reproduced it without making any money out of it, I would be greatful people were enjoying it. Its sad in a way that artists arent always getting the financial support they deserve but that never stopped Van Gogh, etc. If people are just enjoying the music that can act a crutch to te artist.
  8. Gigs 2009

    VNV were really good when I saw them a few years ago. I must get some tickets if they are playing again. I wonder why they are not playing Bristol this time around though.
  9. Drinking

    Haha yeah that clip is pretty accurate actually. Its the weirdest drink I have ever made felt drunk one moment then fine the next was alot of fun. You have to tap the birch trees in march before they grow thier leaves as that is when the sap rises. You get a knife tap it into the tree about a cm. Then carve a wedge on a stick and put it into the gap so the sap it runs off into your container instead of down the trunk. You can get about of gallon of sap from each tree without hurting it at all. You then add some lemons and sugar and put it in an airtight container with an airlock and wait for a month or two. I make cider for a living :P. Dont let put you off though it really is very easy. What kind of thing do you want to make? Then I can tell you how to make it
  10. Drinking

    Does anyone make thier own drink? I am fermenting 10 Litres of cider right now just for the hell of it. I also made some silver birch wine earlier in the year which tasted awesome.
  11. Charles Darwin Film Too Controversial For America

    That video was depressing to watch I feel more stupid just from watching it . Why cant we all come to together as a world and ship all our idiots to antarctica.
  12. Carbon Fibre

    just type carbon fibre textures into google image search . I can photoshop it blue if you really want it.
  13. Caffeine Fiends Unite!

    I used to drink so much coffee my kidneys hurt after a while. The rush you get comes from adrenaline from your adrenal glands. So I dont drink much now, green tea seems to solve all health related problems so I drink that instead. I reckon that why Japanese people live forever.
  14. Caffeine Fiends Unite!

    I love tea and coffee. Tea I drink it all the time whether its chai, earl grey, white, green, oolong or builders, its amazing. Though lapsang souchong tastes likes someone has pissed through a BBQ. Coffee is awesome til my adrenal glands stop working. So then I tend to drink green tea again. Im trying to grow some tea and coffee plants at the moment. Only 4 more years til I can brew my own :P
  15. Yahoo and Microsoft team up to take on Google

    I havent used chrome but lets be honest anything is better than IE.