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  1. Nintendo Conference Disscussion

    anyone else spot what looked to be a brief demo of a pilotwings game! thats the one point at which i nearly peeed myself!
  2. 2006 european release confirmed?

    the nintendo europe site is showing a revolution article http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/black/enGB/?feature=3DnWfkg29cXpr8sX4WhhNcVDvok8-n0R seemingly showing a 2006 launch in europe for the revolution. It would appear that it is merely the same images used on the noa site. could this just be a slip up and they forgot to change the date or do you think we might actually see rev before 2007 here in europe? assuming it gets a september launch in japan, a thanksgiving launch in america and a christmas launch in europe that would fit with jim merricks worldwide release within 14 weeks remark! i didnt chech the math cos im lazy so perhaps im off a lil so sue me! anyone have any thoughts?
  3. 2006 european release confirmed?

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA oh you kill me! hee hee hee europe gettin the revolution first! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh that'll keep me smiling for a while! sorry if im being mean but where is there any evidence that nintendo will ever launch anything in europe first! there only concession is to let firstperson shooters get a release in america and sometimes here first, mainly cos fps's arnt popular in japan. if theres any nintendo first party game that has been released in europe before japan its because its not a game focused at the japanese market, japan is nintendo homemarket and most profitable i believe? why would it ever release its new home console first elsewhere and if it did where would the notion of europe getting it first come from! as much as i'd like europe to get a better deal, we won't face it we'll be last (of the big three territories) to be honest the fact we'll get it within 2006 at all is an impressive step by nintendo in improving its european relations!
  4. 2006 european release confirmed?

    yes, but that wasnt necessarily confirming it for europe was it! merely that the launch in japan would occur in 2006 and America most likely this is the first time nintendo of europe to my knowledge have said revo in 2006. Of course theres no reason to doubt nintendo would leave europe waiting (warioware twisted anyone). its nice to know these forums still hold such lovely people as pyxis, thank you pyxis for your informative comments youve reaffirmed all i thought about humanity!