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  1. That's what I've been saying all the time. Just read my posts.
  2. It was quite rare at launch due to shortages. Its popularity caused prices to rise. Some people say that it isn't that rare anymore, but I don't really agree with that. I think that it's still rare since you already pointed out that it's hard to get.
  3. There are games that are just as great as MGS, but only few people have heard about them. You can't compare these to piles of mud, people just don't know about them. That's why they don't buy them. I'd rather have a game that few people own. That's why that's what rare means to me. Maybe your opinion is different. I agree that MGS: TTS is in some sense hard to get. But it's not the game I would buy for a collection.
  4. You got point. Like Chrono Trigger for the SNES, not rare but people kept raising their prices. So I wouldn't call it rare, I'd call it valuable.
  5. ... 35 items found for 'metal gear solid twin snakes' Searched in the EU with ebay.co.uk What kind of ebay are you using?
  6. Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes is Players Choice. It can't become players choice without good sales, so I think that it isn't rare.
  7. I finally got Gladius. Probably not very rare to some people, but it's a great and overlooked game in a genre that is rare on the cube.