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  1. Nintendo Related Tattoos

    its how the pictures taken and i'd appreciate it if u keep on topic and just talk about the tattoo and not my gf thank you
  2. Nintendo Related Tattoos

    My girlfriend recently got the tattoo u see below has anyone else got a ninty related tattoo??
  3. The Tick

    Tick was awesome used to watch it on bbc2 was funny as ought
  4. Official WWE Thread

    u felt empty because batista is crap i felt the same.
  5. Official WWE Thread

    yeah raw was good last night orton and edge to take on dx should be interesting
  6. Official WWE Thread

    im not buying it either will watch it by other means
  7. What does you name mean?

    Craig Male Celtic from near the crag hard as rock GRRRRR
  8. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    ill start things off with the inevitable. Geoffery FTW
  9. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    dogtanian for the win. woof woof woof woof woof woof woof muskahounds are always ready
  10. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    its a tough one but seein as i haven't seen 24 pheonix gets my vote
  11. Happy Birthday Link64uk, Colin, Fatrox and The Villan

    thanks guys i feel so special got to see my gf last night which was nice. I got james bond ultimate collection dvds in a briefcase looks awesome. off out to get rat arsed tonight too, a good day to be had ha ha
  12. awesome simply awesome
  13. Steve Irwin dies

    now now kids calm down. Both sides of the arguement have a point i look at it this way rokhed deals with death differently to knightendo, in that rokhed makes a joke out of it to ease the grief where as knightendo mourns for the loss. im probably wrong but thats how i see it
  14. Steve Irwin dies

    only heard about this couple of hours ago. Realy sucks the guy was a legend sympathies to his family
  15. yes we need all info to be able to do this properly