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  1. Free game if you have a 3DS XL

    You have to go to 'My account' and then scroll through the top header by clicking on the arrow.
  2. Buying a new Wii console question

    Just to let you know, today I got my Wii's back and everything was transfered. It took just one week.
  3. Buying a new Wii console question

    I already tried different cables form my friends Wii and still have these issues. I even tried my Wii with his cables on his TV. I have it a lot with Resident Evil 4 and the Metroid collection. I even have it sometime with New Super Mario Bros Wii. I contacted Nintendo and they said when I buy a new console I have to sent it together with my old console. Then they will transfer my saves and games. But only if I didn't connect my new console to the internet before I sent it.
  4. I have some green artifact on my screen when playing some Wii games. If I buy a new Wii system what can I put over to my new system? All saves? My virtual console and WiiWare games? Can I link the new console to my club Nntendo account? Thanks in advance. David Nyh
  5. GBA SP+?

    Thanks for your anwser but I mean the GBA SP+ (plus) with brighter light than the GBA SP.
  6. GBA SP+?

    Hello, I still have to play the two Zelda Oracles games and I only have a DS Lite and DSi handheld. My GBA doesn’t work anymore. Where can I find a GBA SP+? Was this only released in the USA? And if I find one can I play these games on it? Thanks in advance. David_nyh
  7. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    If I can't link my new Wii to my Nintendo account how does it know what games I downloaded? And what with my Wii points? has anyone tried this?
  8. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Is it possible to transfer my virutal console games, WiiWare games and saves to a new Wii console including my Nintendo account? Thanks David_nyh
  9. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Is there no trailer of Umbrella Chronicles on the pal version?
  10. Wii Release List

    Hey RedShell can't you do the same release list for the DS games on the DS forum?
  11. Nintendo at Tokyo Game Show

    Thank you.
  12. Nintendo at Tokyo Game Show

    What will be the first show Nintendo will appear this year?
  13. copyrights boxart

    May I publish game boxart on school website project? What I about the copyrights? Thanks.
  14. RGB cable

    How much will it cost?
  15. RGB cable

    Can I use the RGB cable from the GCN?