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  1. Post Your Purchases

    Ha Ha ! I just had to! :P
  2. Nexus One - The Google Phone - Finally Announced

    I think Apple's closed policy was actually a great move! It happens with most devices! Say PSP the harder Sony clamp down, the more people jump on the bandwagon and rally together to crack it, same with the 360 when MS said it was unhackable (lol) and now the same with apple only they burst the device almost completely wide open!
  3. How was your day?

    Story of my life! *rollseyes* Spent most of the day bumming around the house in a hoodie and shorts! I should feel guilty about not doing any work but worked myself to the bone for the last 4 months so in a way I think I deserve this :P Though I only have a mac so I am restricted to borderlands and movies.. and this lovely forum :P ps: need gym....
  4. Post Your Purchases

    I've got the 24" version plus ps3 config and movies + MW2 is just divine!
  5. Nexus One - The Google Phone - Finally Announced

    what are the chances that the reviewer will NOT sell his iphone and just slowly revert back to it, whilst occasionally bringing out the nexus to show off to friends that they arent sheep. At the moment people keep on beating a dead horse especially when the person providing the bat is google and the horse has been dead for a while and everyone knows that it isnt going to reanimate and bite them in the ass.
  6. Nexus One - The Google Phone - Finally Announced

    You know most of the iPhone disadvantages are actually already solved by jailbreaking the thing and dont get started on security issues. If you can jailbreak, you can spend 10 mins learning figuring out and changing the ssh passwords which then protects you against the " dangers of jailbreaking" Personally on my iphone, I can multitask and have widgets. Plus with the gazillion apps the censorship point is moot because there is bound to be one that slipped through the net or is right for you PLUS whatever you dont get in app store you get through cydia i.e. bette sms client, full itunes app song preview, picture contacts, facebook syncing (though now comes with 3.1 of the app), themes etc. I think most if not all phones are in the apps store's shadow now, and there is no way about that.
  7. The Confessions and Advice Thread

    Agree with the the advice, tell him straight! be like you are annoying, dial it back! or just outright ignore him and delete him! life's too short to waste time when they are annoying you to that degree
  8. How was your day?

    You know it's your subconscious telling you to go for it IRL! :p Spent most of today feeling ill with a cold! and right shoulder is hurting from it. Methinks the plan for tonight is blanket + OJ + borderlands!
  9. How was your day?

    Dude let me know! I havent got any of my books at home with me but I'll have a stab with my knowledge :P
  10. How was your day?

    OMFG I've finally done it! Sent in my application for the Bar today! (not the drinking kind, the law kind) The application was basically 2 months in the making and required just too much preparation! Now I wait till March the 2nd to see if I get into law school :S
  11. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    I like it! not sure which anime its from is the the text " pull the trigger" added in after the fact? if so i dont think its in the same style as the yes. and you could get the quote smaller or closer to the sig? otherwise 8/10 + avatar = impeccable
  12. Gaming profit/turnaround

    Its just one of those questions I think that can really be answered by the companies themselves, since it involves business practices. I would imagine that it could work like the music industry where they get royalties based on the copies sold as well. Also I think with companies like Blizzard ignoring the fact that they are big, they also have wow which provides them with a constant source of income via subscription, I cant imagine other normal games only last like 1 year at the most. On a slightly different note, I remember a forum member posting that they did work experience at Square enix, I cant quite remember who..
  13. Your town

    Is there a guy on the right smoking a splif? lol I live about 5 mins from the three french diving men seen in the picture, towards the shitty arms direction. If you look past the odd drunken fight on cowley then its a pretty nice place!
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    I think i've heard of this, was the moto "It's Elefun-tastic!!" ...
  15. Mobile Phone Chat

    that requires a double take! Woahhh! I cant imagine 2 years stuck in the same contract! I find the 30 notice for simplicity just ok.. just! I mean if you do the maths, if you can afford it buy the phone on unlocked or a network you know that could be unlocked with pay as you go and just sim only that bad boy.
  16. Rate the last film you saw

    500 Days of Summer 7/10 on the actual film but like Garden State and Pushing Daisies it gives you that warm tingly nostalgic feeling towards relationships. Only in the case of 500 days it flips it norm and lets you know it isnt a love story, it only gives you only a familiar nostalgic feeling. Whether its good or bad is very dependant on you and your history in relationships and that is what you take away. The story is intriguing but its a movie for the feeling you get from it as opposed to the technical elements and for that its 10/10 must watch! Moon 6/10... Yeah I know it was done on a shoe string budget but when the entire movie moved from point A to B with basically nothing interesting produced from the time spent watchin, makes it a poor film in my mind. If I was in the cinema; I would enjoy 2012 over Moon. IMO a complete waste of Kevin Spacey, I mean even in 21 where he was basically a teacher there was more to him than in Moon where it was only his voice reading someone elses lines, with no opportunity for him to shine. Such a waste. Though the split screen acting wasnt bad, but I've seen better from David Hewlett in Stargate Atlantis. The film; ironic like the moon - grey.
  17. Post Your Purchases

    That's caus there is stuff to tap and poke around with the iphone, dependant on the blackberry the screen alone is smaller anyways. I picked it up on the ebays for like 20 quid cheaper since it was a private auction! I'll repost here and let you know how it works when I get it!
  18. Post Your Purchases

    Mophie juice pack for my iphone 3g (since the battery is lasting just inside of one day) apparently this baby gives 2 full charges on top of your original iphone's full charge! 3 days of use without charging? hopefully! Just one of those books that always interested me generally and useful in the context of the potential profession I am going into. Same reason as above + derren brown !
  19. Mobile Phone Chat

    http://twitpic.com/rteyr Baseless?
  20. Post Your Purchases

    Ip Man (blu ray) from thehut! Finally arrived after trying to cancel it like 2 times! Going to be a great watch! mmm
  21. Windows 7

    I think the student offer last until jan 2010 so if you can still access your student e-mail (to validate) you can buy windows 7 home / pro for 30 quid!
  22. My macbook just arrived today and besides from typing, I am worse than a headless chicken! Are there any MUST HAVE programs on the mac? atm I need a MSN client, word editor (office or the mac version?), twitter client and any general usability programs. SOOO CONFUSED!
  23. Over my overdraft what will happen...

    I didnt use online with Llyods TSB when i had an account with them. Went over by £3 and they charge me £30!! Didnt get the letter about it till it was long enough for them to warrant charging that much. Went in to the branch to pled my case. Student, only £3 and all that. They wouldnt have any of it. I threatened to cancel my account and they encouraged it! So TSB never again!