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  1. The App Store Thread

    Downloaded it today! Its lightning fast! and regarding the zoom issue, the only way I can read some websites is if it has 100% zoom anyways so not having a choice for 45% isnt really a problem for me! plus the tabs features is nowhere near as clunky or laggy as safari.. it's replaced it as a default browser!
  2. Hayfever

    I am not kidding I'll be checking this thread waiting....
  3. Hayfever

    you MUST find out!!! for the sake of all of us
  4. How was your day?

    --- Bore! Today I start my other module... criminology... *yawn*
  5. Post Your Purchases

    Got myself a pair of HD 555! Apparently they are stunning in the sound department! replacing a pair of old sennies that broke! eeeeee
  6. Stargate TV Shows

    But he's got gunssss!! and guts! Atm I am loving the internal approach they have about the show. Focussing on the ship and the tech, which was the main reason why I LOVEEDD Atlantis. I am dreading the day they go back to exploring planets.. its going to be like a monster a day ala smallville, disease an episode ala house... Though I did love the time travelling episode on the planet... I do love my temporal anomalies / sun flares!
  7. Pokémon Black & White

    thing is nature doesnt have a limit of around 300 something "slots"
  8. Pokémon Black & White

    Gamefreaks originality at work... and dont get me started on the birds.. though they look slightly better...
  9. Pokémon Black & White

    OMG FINALLY! A shop in the pokecenter!! I also hope they fix the box system... it's so slow to use, I mean why can't deposit and withdraw be using 1 hand... instead of going back out to go back in.. Digging the new 3Dness, the way its done block some things in the city which encourages more exploring and a bigger sense of scale!
  10. Pokémon Black & White

    Looks like he's gonna be the expansion then lol!
  11. Pokémon Black & White

    Let's get serious Rez, It's going to be nothing like that.. We all know its going to be more like this... Voila!
  12. How was your day?

    OMG I think I remember that! Think it was where she tied the husband to the chair and set him alight whilst watching and pouring petrol on him.... Yeah I think they read it quite strictly actually, where in one case a women went to the garden and got a spade wasnt allowed compared to one who went to the kitchen for knives. They made a whole area of law for that! The "slow burn" / "battered wife" excuse. There was one where she put cyanide or mercury in his shampoo and he died very slowly from organ failure :S Edit: yep right case name.. couldnt find anything about the walking to petrol but "After 10 years she snapped, placed a petrol soaked blanket over her husband whilst he slept, then lit a match. He died of his burns 6 days later." lol... OOO I forgot ! I got a whole slew of favourites from my Criminal evidence course.. R v Sidhu - covert officier sold him explosives, he denied involvement with any sort of terrorist organisation and thennnn they discovered a video of him with in a promotional Khalistan Liberation Force video... lol pwned. R v Smith (1915) - "brides in the bath" case. Defendant was accused of one murder but evidence was offered of two more. Admission of this evidence followed similarly from the improbability that THREE different women whom he had married and made financial arrangements with!, had ALL drowned in a bath by "accident" shortly afterwards.... I love criminal evidence... zomg... equity.... I feel for you... Land law overlapping so it shouldnt be too bad (i revised the hell out of leases and mortgages for that), I've done admin but I cant remember it Xd, EU is a bugger aswell since the name are stupidly long... I'm on Criminal, Crime and Society, Children Parents and State and Communication skills (interview and advocacy) XD
  13. How was your day?

    Oooo R v White - causation sine qua non causation with a bit of inchoate thrown in... very interesting. In terms of murder cases there is a stupid one R v Smith [1959] solider stabbed, mis-diagnosed, dropped multiple times one the way to the infirmary screams fail... lol I personally looove the R v Miller case for Mens rea. Hobo fell asleep in a house whilst smoking... set the matress on fire and he woke up. Discovered that he had done that.. and moved to the other room to sleep more. lol... or R v Roberts - girl leaps out of a speeding car to avoid sexual advances...
  14. Pokémon Black & White

    I really hope it does a little bit more than that... I need a reason to replace my old trusty launch day DS lite but nintendo havent really given me a good amount of upgrade... with these hardware revisions...
  15. How was your day?

    Nice one dude!! We lawyers should keep busy! I got confirmed for two place in Hong Kong!!!! mini-pupillage!! shadowing a famous defamation/ tort barrister and a criminal barrister /joy Problem now is pushing through to the end of the year.. As for my day.. Woke up in good time, did my physio exercises! just finished my coffee and now buzzing to start my revision on...... Murder and causation...mmm !
  16. Pokémon Black & White

    It's not even going to be close methinks! UNLESS when is the 3DS out? it would make a killing as a launch title... but then again lets be realistic... 1) translation takes waaay too long AND 2) it wouldnt be in the shadow of HG/SS 3) still waiting for "Mind" Crystal (haha) ....
  17. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    loving it! avatar: quite a unique graphic! Rare picture of samus with the metroid! Either self drawn but regardless nice perspective. Blue shadow and white border; NE colours 9/10! Sig: Very well constructed! but there is something to be said about either having all rounded or sharp corners. the alignment of the bottom parts arent quite right. Like 1 pixel bigger can be fixed easily methinks. Very technical! but not much synergy.. same subject for both? still 8/10 (-1 for the 1 pixel :P FIX!!!)
  18. Pokémon Black & White

    Oh dear.... it's going to be next year may when it would come out over here.... the wait is already kill me...
  19. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

    Currently hanging around outside Morty's Gym (ghost) and literally feeling defeated! There isnt a single pokemon that I want at this stage in the game or can get that isnt gonna feel like a waste of time. Since I am going to replace them anyways! All around lvl 23 (I've got a in the PC all about the same level but I just dont like them) also a just caught and and but they are around lvl 11. Shall I just go for it with my highest? or shall I level up some of the lowbies? Oh and the fact that the DS is so stupid at wifi compatibility! It doesnt like my wireless and I cant trade with anyone or from my platinum OR evolve slowbro / scyther / elekid / gengar! joy...
  20. How was your day?

    Recently I've just been feeling slightly defeated... I mean its my final year and only 2 months till exams and stuff but I cant say its that... Just kinda gloomy caus I cannot train due to my knee and a combination of not partying and maybe the lack of someone I can tell this to IRL.. general "sigh" all around. /emo
  21. How was your day?

    Oh what a horrible april fools! University decides to take down the entire network! and with that comes the halls internet access! for three days! and for shits and giggles I'm using my iphone tethered but the count is slowly going up! Good thing is I got heart gold in the post today! So at least I have something to keep me interested!
  22. The Music Thread.

    Yep "choon"! Also throw in "Fader" http://open.spotify.com/track/5iW1BuP8SARrIz6rmSdibY Excellent band!
  23. The Music Thread.

    I assume its the "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" album; if you are short on time...Armistice, Lisztomania, Lasso, Fences, 1901 and Rome. ps: oh dear thats nearly the whole album! XD