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  1. Our name's Cecille.

    My eyes are so offended by the first post.... Happy birthday all around!!
  2. Lost: The Final Season

    What a cool invitation to the finale showing!! XD
  3. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Think there is going to be a conference for the OS4 and new iphone in july.
  4. Try and see if I can pee the same way men do...
  5. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

    I caught Ho-oh after using a dusk ball as well! I threw so many ultra balls.. but nothign worked... and duskball worked first time..
  6. Mobile Phone Chat

    http://www.hotukdeals.com/search?action=search&keywords=desire here's something to get you started!
  7. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    O M GEEEE how coool is this?!
  8. iPhone 4/iOS4

    apparently Engadget was offered the phone first... they didnt accept it based on their legal advice. Good thing too...
  9. The Music Thread.

    Ahh that sucks... that you cant add people outside of being facebook friends..
  10. Pokémon Black & White

    Apparently poets have some artistic licence or whatever which means they can even spell incorrectly and still be "right"
  11. Pokémon Black & White

    So did I! saw some in manchester... he was bordering on crazy...
  12. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Actually lol'd irl. hahah
  13. How was your day?

    There are about 3 quite good bike shops in Cowley, Oxford like just over magdalen bridge. I agreed with the ratio! mmmmm the sun brings them out...
  14. How was your day?

    Love that video! Wasnt it soon after he was REPLACED!!! HAHAH Hope you feel better eenuh here have a video: and Since I got the go ahead from the physio! Went to the gym like a freak at 9am! Was scared they were going to be not open! Managed to do close to my old routine which isnt bad considering I've not touched a gym since November XD. Downloaded 2 eps of Full Metal Alchemist and got a rissotto sitting in the pan fluffing up mmmmmmmmmm!
  15. Borderlands

    Have you tried switching control schemes to see if it kicks it out of that? I was trapped as a beserker INSIDE a boss one time... was totally like WTF! but I took advantage of it anyways and punched away! (nb: using electric artifact lags the game as beserker...) first playthrough; activating the warp system glitched the sky. Everytime either of us looks in the general direction it would become an epileptic disco fell through lifts multiple times SO FRUSTRATION
  16. iPhone 4/iOS4

    But also I've read that people have cut back their original sim card to microsim sizes and got it to work with the ipad. I assume its similar for the iphone.
  17. How was your day?

    woke up at 8:30 went for a light 20 run to the hospital physio did an hour session with them had a shower ate watched the new naruto movie (lame) wished there was more soul eater to watch doing revision on conspiracy mmmm
  18. iPhone 4/iOS4

    That's pretty much true... tbh I mean beyond Apple tax there is always apple interest in owning an apple device... On the other hand I had a look over at engadget apparently it allows " storage space on-chip for provider applications, increased control and security functions" "we have absolutely no clue what justification Apple had to switch to it other than a desire to be different -- this is the company that pioneered Mini DisplayPort, after all -- but the long and the short of it is that you're going to have a hard time finding a carrier offering Micro SIMs in the short term since the GSMA doesn't appear to be actively spearheading a mass conversion" "In fact, from AT&T's perspective, this is better than a software lock in some ways -- you're not going to be able to download a hack that gets you on another network, so you're totally at the mercy of your carrier at choice for providing a compatible card. Intentionally evil? Perhaps not -- all standards have to start somewhere -- but it's an awful pain in the ass." - engadget ...so true.
  19. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Depends on really who is authorised to sell the new iphone. Considering they probably made a bundle from partnering with O2 they may try that stunt again. Plus some wont supply your with a sim if they know its for an iphone caus its data intensive.
  20. User Image Gallery

    It's laughter arising from the pure shock that the comparison was made.
  21. User Image Gallery

    This really shouldnt be funny....but
  22. How was your day?

    Woke up today Went to pick up a book from the library which I reserved 4 months AGO at the beginning of uni and only NOW its become free Watched an episode of Soul Eater *sqee* Had Carrot soup and some OJ melted in the sun!