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  1. Flameboy Sigs

    Have you forgotten about me? I asked you for a sig on 27/12/05 and you seem to have done sigs for people who asked later than me already. Dont worry if you're gonna do mine soon, i know about how you dont do PM's, but it would be nice to know that you're gonna make one for me
  2. Flameboy Sigs

    If possible, could i change what i asked for in my sig. I've PM'ed you with info
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    September? I was hoping for a a release in the first half of the year. I really want that TBC to mean the release will be changed
  4. Oh my ****ing God

    I've never believed in ghosts, or any other supernatural things. My view that it was just your mind playing tricks on you, as it goes against all scientifical evidence
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Have you completely forgotten about CoD2?
  6. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

    Global warming is not the same thing as the hole in the ozone layer. The hole in the ozone layer is simply a hole in the ozone layer of gases. Global warming is entirely different. It is due to the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which prevents some of the sun's heat which is radiated away from the earth from leaving the atmosphere. So like you said, the hole in the ozone layer is a two-way thing, but global warming is a one-way process.
  7. Cats or Dogs?

    I have two cats and two dogs, and i prefer the dogs by far, although my mum and my sister do most of the looking after them, so i dont have to walk the dogs every day, etc. i find the dogs much more fun to play with, whereas the cats are outside most of the time, and when they do come in its either with a dead animal or to just (sometimes on my bed, covering it in hairs, which i hate)
  8. BBC New Year Live firework display

    I feel the same, whats so amazing about a load of expensive lights flashing in sky? I watched Comic Aid on BBC 3 instead. It was extremely funny, although i had already seen it when it was first shown.
  9. Your 5 personal highlights of 2005

    1. Getting a straight A scholarship to my new school. 2. Getting the Xbox 360 - awesome console 3. Getting the DS - totally amazing 4. Getting addicted to Guild Wars - great game, no subscription fees 5. Unveiling of the Revolution controller - can't wait to get my hands on it
  10. Doing anything tonight?

    I'm just staying in, coming on here, watching TV and generally relaxing. I cant really be bothered to do much. Hope everyone has a great 2006
  11. Flameboy Sigs

    I've PM'ed you, posting here as you asked me to.
  12. 360 photo tricky

    If people dont bother to read the fine print in the description when they are paying $600+, then they should be prepared for all the possibilities. I would not buy something that expensive from eBay, but if i did i would read the entire description of the item, as it could so easily be a scam.
  13. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Good luck getting a hard drive, they all seem to be sold out. I cant find any anywhere, i think they're as hard to get as the console itself.
  14. Release?

    Jim Merrick said that the Revolution would have a worldwide launch in a space of 14 weeks, which is three and a half months. EDIT:Post is now correct, sorry for the ambiguity
  15. Happy Christmas and a good New Year!

    Merry Christmas all! Have a great day