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  1. Invasion

    I saw only the end of the second half, i completely forgot it was on. So i saw pretty much nothing :/
  2. Japanese Cooking

    I'd like to cook Japanese food, but my target is something a little more useful; the language itself.
  3. Multiple Controllers Reacting To Each Other...?

    You never know...
  4. Holidays- or vacations to those Americans

    Iv'e never gone abroard in my life. The most tropical iv'e ever got is Blackpool. But i enjoy British weather; none of that sun and sand nonsense.
  5. Celebrity Big Brother 4 Official Thread

    Dear god no more BB. Please. Don't people have anything better to do with their time? Like watch paint dry?
  6. New Year Delayed!

    That must be it. Mother used to feed me whisky and milk at 5 years old. Its good, you should try it.
  7. Which of these Twilight Princess sigs do you prefer

    Second one; it's sorta more personal. Anyone can make the top one.
  8. What did you GIVE for Xmas?

    I gave my mum The alien quadrilogy, her bf 10th kingdom box set, and dad some dvd about the ashes and 28 days later. Got Skarmachild nothing...:P