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  1. General Book Thread

    Crime and Punishment is a a superb book. The description of a strange dream where they beat the horse to death really bothered me first time I read it. I pretty much stopped reading for about 10 years, but this year I have made a real effort to get back into it. I have been reading the 'classics', the last book I finished was Wuthering Heights. I have gone completely off this track though with the latest - Just as a bit of a space/NASA nerd it is fascinating.
  2. Spent far too much of my teenage years on Cube-Europe and the associated IRC channel (2001-2004 give or take). Amazed to see names that were familiar way back then still posting here. It was a whole lot busier but back then forums were one of the best places to get information/news and have a chat with people with similar interests.
  3. House buying is the worst

    By buying a house you are basically relying on a bunch of pratts and idiots to do things in a timely manner which almost never happens. I agreed and worked towards a moving date suggested by the vendor and they still left me hanging until the last minute to confirm they had done everything. The hold up? They decided to return their contracts to their solicitors by 2nd class post rather than 1st. Yea don't worry, your desire to save 9p on a stamp is well worth inconveniencing me on a six figure purchase. It all works out in the end even though it feels like it will never end.
  4. UK Election 2015

    The 1987 election is basically the primer on why FPTP is a farce. The results show up the ridiculousness of the system. The material that was provided by the No campaign in the AV referendum was laughable and downright dishonest in places but with no heavyweight politicians making the case for it it was always dead in the water. Anyway my prediction is a Labour minority government with the SNP providing confidence and supply, and we will be back holding another election before the year is out. A sort of modern retelling of 1974.
  5. Dark Souls II

  6. Dark Souls II

    Lol, not really...
  7. Dark Souls II

    I completed the game earlier today, pretty underwhelming final boss fight, but whatever, its done! Just under 50 hours. I think this one is harder than Dark Souls 1 overall, and that the quality and challenge is maintained for a longer time (a lot of people dislike the entire second half of DaS 1, for me there is only one terrible area).
  8. bad stuff thread.

    Where to start with today! Been looking for a new job and on Friday I was told I had been invited to a telephone interview scheduled for this morning at 11am. Great, I think to myself. So this morning I am just writing up a few notes, checking the background of the company, the usual stuff. I knock my phone off the sofa. I pick it up, put it on the table because I am always knocking it off the arm rests. At 10:10 I think I will check my emails to see if I have anything relating to the interview, pick up phone and the screen is knackered. Not smashed, but unusable. Half the screen doesn't respond to me touching it. Crap, I think to myself. Run to Asda to get a phone. I just need any o2 phone, switch the sim and I am golden. Oh, they don't have any of the £12 phone in stock. Nevermind, what about this £20 one? No they don't have that either. End up spending £41 on a damn phone as I have no choice. Get in at 10.30 with new phone in hand. Get my old sim and put it in the phone. Except it is a micro sim and doesn't register in the phone I have bought. I hadn't considered this possibility. It is 10.40. I can't ring the person who I am having the interview with because it is pay & go and obviously has no credit. Email the woman with the number of the replacement phone at 10.45, praying that it gets picked up in time. While doing this I am registering my top up card which I haven't done for about 12 years. Top up a tenner. Start thinking, shall I ring her or not, deliberating what to do. 10.53 she emails back and says no problem and that she will contact me on the second number I have provided. The interview actually takes place which is an achievement in itself. My head isn't with it though, I do the best I can but there are a few uncomfortable silences along the way. I am told I will know by tomorrow if I am invited to a face to face one. Lets see what happens. Of course the kicker is that I could have just bought any phone on any network as my sim doesn't fit anyway. I have a real knack for disasters like this. Anything vaguely important, something happens which means I end up losing focus right before it happens. My last exam at university was in a building I had never been in for the previous 3 years. I got there an hour early to make sure I could find the room. I couldn't. I spent an hour and a half running around panicking until I eventually found the room, and thankfully they let me in and sit it. When I sat down I didn't have a pen so had to ask for one from the invigilator. I mean, what a joke I must have looked. Thing was I had brought about 3, and when I finished and went to pick up my bag at the back of the room, they were all lying there. They had just fallen out of my coat pocket. I passed the exam too. Still, things like this always seem to happen. I was actually quite pleased with myself this morning though as I am quite a stresshead usually but I kept pretty calm and got sorted in the end.
  9. Dark Souls II

    I have noticed this too, a couple of bosses had me thinking that being a caster or having decent ranged weapons would make it a whole lot easier Real life has stopped my progress somewhat but I played it for a couple of hours last night and managed to -
  10. Dark Souls II

    I am stuck at the boss of the Iron Keep. I don't even survive long enough to begin to learn what his attacks are. Also I upgraded the bastard sword to +5 then realised I don't really like it lol. I just want to use something other than my broadsword!
  11. Dark Souls II

  12. Dark Souls II

  13. Dark Souls II

  14. Dark Souls II

    Yea it strange how they dont compare the equipment you could buy to what you already have. Also I feel like there was a lot more weapon drops in DS1 than this time around, everything I am getting is worse than I already have. Currently exploiting the Ring of Life Protection - it keeps you human but breaks when you die. So you warp to the blacksmith, repair it for 3k souls, and you are good to go! Unlimited humanity. Oh, and you don't lose any souls either when you die.
  15. Dark Souls II

    So I have spent the first couple of hours in the wrong area, and have joined a terrible covenant that should be avoided.