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  1. Sin & Punishment: Successor Of The Skies

    It's refreshing to see such honesty about a game's difficulty! I hate it when people say "Oh yeah, I did find it a bit hard in places on Hard mode!" I really tried to blitz this a few weeks ago now and even lent a hand to the one person who is trying to do a FAQ walkthrough on gamefaqs. I gave up on Hard mode level 4 at the "my blood is on fire" part...I'm sure you are all very familiar with that! Tackling the difficulty is one thing but then you have the challenge of finding out what the hell you have to do to get the gold medals! I did find the website was very helpful with those expert gamer videos of all levels, which never seem to run to the end for me, but seeing it is one thing...DOING it is quite another!
  2. I've never encountered a situation in Zelda TP where I had to quickly use the bow as opposed to a more convenient form of attack. In that game, it was always possible to pick off enemies from a fair distance away without any of them noticing...much like in the Crossbow game. Therefore, there shouldn't be any situation where you need to in Skyward Sword, meaning that you should be able to get used to the new method without it causing any major problems with enemies attacking you or getting away before you are ready. The bow string always ended up fully pulled back in TP and Wii Sports Resort anyway, if you wanted it to be or not, to get the required result, so the fact that there is no motion plus in the nunchuck is irrelevant for this purpose.
  3. It was interesting to see that Link can do a vertical spin slash as well as a normal horizontal one...just a small thing but it's these details which make old things newer.
  4. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    I reckon the countdown was for making it into the barrel to join your partner...whether they would have to go on alone or just drop out again is unknown though. If only he had let the minecart fall off to the left and then jumped out, he might have got 2 pieces of the puzzle! So frustrating watching others play when you can see areas to explore for hidden things, like to the left at the part before where the platforms fall away.
  5. Just Dance 2

    Unless you've actually experienced the first game, then don't knock it! Seriously, this is a great laugh with at least two people and as long as you're all prepared to accept a bit of mickey-taking, then I say give it a go. There's too much of all this macho inhibitive stuff around on predominantly masculine forums and you might be surprised how many of your mates are closet JD lovers...and I don't mean the whisky!
  6. Sin & Punishment: Successor Of The Skies

    Ganepark...I would say that the earlier levels on normal are more forgiving until you get to the end of 4 onwards. As an average-ability gamer, I find it very hard to not die before the end of any stage from then on and thus losing out on the score bonuses. Having attempted level 6 and 7 on normal, I can see how repeated play yields better knowledge of easier completion but not having experienced anything quite this hard before, it's all still a bit daunting! Great fun though and the graphics all run very smoothly in my opinion and far better looking character models than the poor N64 versions ( obviously ).
  7. Sin & Punishment: Successor Of The Skies

    Captain...how are you able to start on anything other than easy first because surely the normal and hard modes are locked until you actually complete the easier levels first?? Well, they certainly were on my version anyway! Has anybody managed to find more than half of the bonuses on any one stage yet? I kind of know which achievements may produce a gold medal but actually executing them is another thing!
  8. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    As much as I agre that the missions themselves are very samey, I get a great sense of "must better this time later when I get better/more parts." The leaderboards are a great help for the longevity of the time you spend trying to fine-tune your efforts. It's not hard to get into the top 50 on the L.O.G. Choice levels. Once you have a better selection of parts by finding crates and, to a larger extent, by getting Jiggies, you can really go to ( Showdown? ) town with your creations and it's this aspect which you have to have a penchant for if you want to progress and especially fully complete the title.
  9. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    "( and quite wide! )"
  10. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    He he, I see this game has had us all in knots at some stage or other! I too had fun with the two/three taxi level and although I did it with the default settings, I just bolted the two back vehicles to the side of the main one at the beginning ( jump out and press B, press LB to pick a vehicle to adapt ). All you have to do then is steer to the targets without your back end swaying around like a mad thing and at the top, park in front of the other passenger vehicle and it will auto-attach. As for the level I presume was being referred to with the race along the river bed, I decided to get ahead from the word go ( two small jets help with not too much weight and using throttle pumping rather than all-out speed ). The only points to watch for to take a high line is at the entrance to the large colosseum and the double-back at the start. If you ever get frustrated, just check out some of the top ten video playbacks for a good idea of how to get a good time. I tend to be a bit of a purist at first by trying to get the T.T. Trophy with the default suggestions ( land and boat vehicles on respective courses instead of beefed-up planes! ).
  11. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    The mini-map is your best friend! Just look for two icons and make sure you have two passenger seats on your vehicle to pick them up and take them both back to the goal. You only need to look on two levels and by now you should know that blue icons mean targets are above you and green are on the same level with red below you.
  12. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    I'm loving this so far...yeah the missions are samey but the desire to beat the online time scores is very high for me, especially with the L.O.G.'s choice ones, as you can use pretty much the same vehicle ( don't forget to look for add-ons in the immediate vicinity ). As for the others, it just gives me incentive to get the better parts. Letty, isn't the last area something to do with Spiral Mountain? It certainly looks like it from the area icons.
  13. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    Mine came today from Game but no code, if they intend sending one, yet! You'll love the intro which you don't see in the demo...guess who ate all the pies...hmm...or pizza apparently! I don't think the BK original is unlockable until Friday anyway.
  14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09

    Yeah, thanks Pigmasher I managed to try that last night. Just seems unnatural when you have to point at the screen to start the game anyway! I'm convinced there are players out there that must be playing this 24/7 because they seem to land on every green and get below par every time. Still can't work out how to get over 100% every time or swing right for a sub 60% approach but it's still great fun.
  15. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09

    Just recently won the Highlands Tourney, which was nice! Had come between 4th and 10th in earlier ones. I don't have time for 4 rounds, so I cut it down to just one and although it impacts on your stats, I still have managed to get by on 50's and 60's. The one thing about online that I haven't sussed is how to change your golfer from the default Tiger, because every time I point at the arrow it just says "waiting for opponent" and then gets on with the game. I don't mind playing as him when everyone else is picking Super Tiger but I'd like to know how to choose my profile golfer at least. Putting is most people's issue but if you've played Mario Golf or Pangya before then the system is not too dissimilar. Guage the power first from the beams coming towards you or going away and then the side slope before the preview and then you have a better chance of getting closer to a put by having less to adjust "blind." The easy pins are dead easy after a while, it's just the hard ones on a steep sloping part of the green which cause the most problems. Just don't swing back with your arm, use your wrist to set the power and then swing through with a solid movement to avoid having to reset.