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  1. GBA games were artificially lightened in order to counter the lack of backlight on the original GBA. The dark filter is to bring it back to normal


    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance this week


    Edit: nevermind trying to argue about this. I am simply baffled that you had to make up a completely weird, out of place excuse for this.

  2. I'm interested because of the extra levels, but that video of SMB3 looks like it's a typical virtual console dark as hell release. I honestly have a hard time looking at that video :/

  3. Ugh, what luck.. Christmas holiday started and I bought a new external hard drive to play this. And since Wii U requires more power for it, I had to get one of those USB Y-cables. I ordered one from eBay as it was less than 2€. Arrived today, and of course it was broken, the connector is totally bent. Sure, it was cheap, and they will hopefully send me a replacement, but it's going to be another 3 weeks in the mail...

  4. My hype for this game has gone down the drain, but still I pre-purchased it yesterday from my local game store simply because I had a gift card that is about to expire next month, and I didn't think of any other new game that I was interested in. I will need to get a hard drive though. I'll just use my old 500gb one and buy a new external USB 3 hard drive for my laptop. A question, which I might have already asked before, but here goes: If you use a hard drive with Wii U, can you choose whether to download files to the Wii U's storage or the hard drive? The internal storage should be faster so I'd like to use that for the game install files.

  5. I don't understand why Nintendo had to make white gray. I can't see anything in VC games. Add to that their ridiculous price and I'll happily continue playing on emulators or the real things. My N64 is Japanese and supports S-video and the image is very good.


    I remember that Zelda 2's rereleases, on Gamecube and otherwise, have removed some possibly dangerous effects like the rapidly flashing death screen.

  6. There was a Splatoon ad in the movies (went to see the new Terminator, ugh) , which means at least Nintendo is trying to market it. This is the first Nintendo ad I've seen in maybe even years? I really can't remember anything, even for pokémon.

  7. The righteous Yamato Kingdom of White vs. ruthless evil Schwarzwald Empire of Black :indeed:


    I probably wouldn't have picked up Awakening if not for the casual mode. Resetting after a single death doesn't make the game any more immersive and gives no illusion of consequences - it just takes longer to play the game because you have to perfect every fight. Or has any of you actually let people die and continued the story without them? :)

  8. Thanks for clearing up the naming issue. I might consider this game but don't want it if it's from a western developer. I played the SNES version through a few times, now I have Harvest Moon 64 to tackle. Also really wanted to get into Friends of Mineral Town girl version, but I felt that the time runs far too quickly in the game (kind of same in HM64), this wasn't an issue in SNES version where time stops during night, leaving you free to explore and stuff. Gamecube version had long days I think.

  9. So I bought a Vita TV for 29,90€ since the price was so cheap, and I didn't have a Vita yet. But the thing kinda sucks - a lot of games don't work on it. And since memory card prices are ridiculous, I opted to buy a real Vita used that came with a 16 Gb memory card so now I have both of them... And now the TV is totally useless :D


    I don't know how they planned for you to hold the system, seems impossible to not touch the rear screen all the time. There are small dents where you are supposed to put something, I don't know fingers, somehow, maybe? But doing that makes for a seriously weird and unergonomic way of holding the device, unless you have the hands of a 7-year-old. The games I tested so far are Dead Nation (looks and runs ugly compared to PS3), Super Stardust (need to disable rear touch pad) and Disgaea 4 which works fine. Also ordered Steins;Gate from zavvi, I love that series.


    I always kind of wanted a Vita ever since Persona 4 Golden was announced, but now that I have it two years later, I don't think it was a good investment after all. Sony seems to have given up on it. Hmm...


    Tested simply swapping the memory card from Vita to TV. The TV says a warning saying it won't be able to use its built-in memory and then continues like normal. Works fine, I played a game and saved, then switched the memory card back to Vita and continued. This is a very good feature.

  10. Glad I happened to check eShop yesterday, so I didn't miss out on Shin Megami Tensei IV for 9,99€. Now, aside from Pokémon Alpha Sapphire on day one, I don't think I've paid full price for any digital game, especially a digital only title.

  11. I bought a bunch of 3rd party games for sale for Wii U, including Injustice: Gods among us and COD: Ghosts. 11€ and 13€, respectively. I was surprised that both games had DLC available in the shop, but after doing research found out they were missing a lot compared to other platforms, and the missing features are quite important (Characters, maps). Meh. They'll still offer me the single player experience at least.

  12. Was there ever a lower price for ZombieU (20 euros), or I can't really expect a cheaper price? Also, are there any games for 20 euros on eshop which are better?


    The game has been on sale in eShop for 10€. I bought my physical copy for 6€, seems super easy to find in here, I think they printed that and Assassin's Creed 3 about a hundred times too many.

  13. New games please, no remakes unless they are at the very least over 10 years old! Majora needed a remake, Twilight no way.


    But I would kill for a good Metroid. Other M I didn't like the remote switching from sideways to pointing at screen, and the story. But some aspects were good.