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  1. Wii U General Discussion

    I don't really see that working anymore, since they would have to release patches for all the previous games and their retail SKUs don't have any kind of indicator that the game would require the gamepad, making people buy games and the notice that they are lacking an expensive accessory. It should have been optional from the start. Wii U bundled with a regular Wii Remote Plus and nunchuck, and with Wii Sports 2. Offer optional Gamepad Controller for $99 for additional features in games (comes with Nintendo Land). But it didn't so here we are. I think that Donkey Kong showing a black screen during gameplay on the gamepad is a travesty, it's like Nintendo saying openly "even we don't know how to utilize this thing"
  2. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    I'm glad it's just a rumor, but after Watch Dogs, do you think Ubisoft will release any more games for Wii U? AC4 and other adult game sales on Wii U have been pretty bad.
  3. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    You want Nintendo tablet gaming? Just release the Wii U gamepad as a standalone product, with higher resolution and multi touch screen.
  4. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    Nintendo should not go 3rd party, they should just focus on handheld consoles. Release a definitive version of DS next year (call it 4DS or whatever) and make it such that you can stream it to your TV.
  5. Is the Wii U hurting the 3DS?

    The 3DS is hurting Wii U sales - I don't see why I would buy a Wii U when I have a 3DS already. Dual screens done easier, off-TV play, much better and bigger library of games... Maybe Nintendo should just release a TV dongle for 3DS so that you can have the upper screen on a big screen, and bottom screen still in your hands, if you want to game on a TV.
  6. 3DS Console Discussion

    I think that is the best marketing video yet
  7. 3DS eShop Thread

    Maybe lately, but during the PS2-era this certainly was not the case. For example, all the NIS games before Disgaea 2, Onimusha, Castlevania etc. missed Japanese voice tracks in the PAL release.
  8. 3DS Console Discussion

    So the main question is this: since according to Nintendo, you can only have one NID linked to a 3DS at one time, if you happen to lose your 3DS console you will lose your NID in the process? Buy a new 3DS - not being able to login to that using your old NID since it's already in use...
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    Reggie did promise us better third party support and we did get it at launch - Mass Effect 3, CoD, Assassin's Creed 3, Ninja Gaiden, Darksiders etc. all amazing third party games even if they were multiplatform titles. Problem is it seems that after the initial great support most companies left it at that, just one title. Worst offender probably being EA.
  10. PlayStation 4/Xbox One - What are you getting?

    I don't have plans to buy any new console in the near future, this time I'll wait patiently at least one year for the inevitable hardware revisions, bigger hard drives and game bundles. But my choice is PS4, there simply is no reason to buy an Xbox here in Finland (it's not even going to be released here for months!).
  11. Persona 5

    If you have played Persona 4 Arena, that game had an actual storyline and it was left unfinished basically... A Persona 4 sequel is inevitable. And they have Teddie in the picture. Maybe it's a Vita exclusive, Sony could have paid them a lot to do one and since P4G is on Vita, you could possibly use a savefile from that game too. I don't really care about the platform, unless it's a cell phone game ^^
  12. Wii U General Discussion

    Also, while it is true that their suggested price is the same for digital and physical, you can pretty much guarantee to find a retail game cheaper from a store than its digital counterpart, if not straight at launch at least a month or two after.
  13. Pokemon X & Y

    I've been playing so much, and now that EV training is much simpler and easily resettable, I've decided to try my luck with "competitive" play. What I need right now is someone who has Ditto in their Safari! I have Grass type, with Oddish, Sawsbuck and Quilladin. If anyone has a normal safari with Ditto please add me Anyone else can add me too of course if you want these pokémon.
  14. Pokemon X & Y

    Question about shinies, since I don't generally know pokémons real colours. Is there a sparkling effect still when you meet them? Otherwise I won't notice.
  15. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    You serious with that statement? Of course it's gimped. DLC is optional - but Wii U owners won't even have the choice of playing it. I suppose AC3 didn't get any DLC either like ME3?
  16. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call (3DS)

    Can't wait for this game... It's one of those games that I'd import in a heartbeat, were it not for the region lock...
  17. Assassin's Creed III

    You know what was missing from this game? Music. Oh, I'm sure there was something along the lines of musical tracks, but can you remember even one right now in your head? Compare to Jesper Kyd's soundtracks from AC2 and AC Brotherhood, there was literally no music (memorable, enjoyable) in this game whatsoever.
  18. Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies

    That price is acceptable. Day 1 download it is.
  19. New N64 controller?

    Yeah my friends used to do that too On a side note, does anyone have experience with the Hori controller? I've been considering ordering one. I started collecting N64 stuff recently and just got the Densha de Go! train controller too
  20. Handheld vs. Home Console Gaming

    I can safely say that I gave a lot of time back then to my Gamecube connected to my little TV in my room, hooked up with a proper RGB SCART cable so when you turned on the cube, my TV instantly turned on as well and switched to the proper channel ^^ There was no hassle. Now I must turn on my HDTV which takes time to boot up, and choose with a remote from the bazillion inputs the right HDMI one. Well, back then I didn't have like 15 different consoles either...
  21. Handheld vs. Home Console Gaming

    I will always prefer handhelds - no hassle. I spend most of my living time in front of a computer anyway and hardly ever have the will to power on a console, except my PS3 which is mostly a Netflix slave
  22. New N64 controller?

    Try the Hori mini pad, it looks a bit like what you're after. Only two handles
  23. Great collections When I started retro collecting about 10 years ago I took pictures often, but then found it to be a chore after a while with all the continuous new game purchases. Maybe one day when I have the time and space to arrange them properly.
  24. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    I couldn't care less about the trophies, I'm just checking out your cool Dreamcast collection :wink:
  25. EA and you

    I have Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. Strange, I thought that out of my 50 PS360 games there would be more... Not bothering to check digital titles, or any previous generation stuff.