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  1. Sega Saturn: What to buy?

    I mostly have Japanese games, and my most played ones are: Konami Antiques MSX Collection (includes a whole bunch of MSX games, I only play the Gradius games though) Metal Slug Panzer Dragoon Zwei Saturn Bomberman Pocket Fighter Puyo Puyo Sun House of The Dead, with lightgun of course
  2. GameCube RGB SCART Cable

    I thought component cables didn't work with PAL Gamecube? Also it doesn't matter if a cable has those RCA out ports. I have one of those cables for PS2, and it works great, SCART end gives RGB picture and you can use the RCA outputs to connect to your AV receiver.
  3. NES Remix

    Sequel looks much better, because of the better games. Who honestly likes Urban Cahmpion outside Nintendo? I really like the game crossover challenges. I wish this game was on 3DS.
  4. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Jet boots only come in high heel variety these days. Oh well.
  5. Tomodachi Life

    Maybe "Tomodachi Collection" kind of sounds more like a game than "Friend Collection", and also makes a point that it's a really Japanese game? I still wonder why they called it Ni no kuni instead of Second World or something. Gamers just tend to know basic Japanese so they know their audience.
  6. N64 Appreciation Thread

    There is Castlevania Legacy of Darkness, which is more of an expansion than a proper sequel. It even includes the whole first game basically.
  7. Dark Souls II

    Ng+ is nice because of more and new enemies. I have never used any boss soul weapons because they usually have crappy scaling. Now with respeccing possible I think I might start experimenting with different kind of weapons too. I currently have claymore, lucerne and archdrake mace as my main weapons. Regular mace served me quite long but it has such bad range. I found the uchigatana to be much too slow compared to DkS 1. Maybe I'll go dex soon anyway.
  8. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    I don't particularly dislike him! It's just a whole different beast from David Hayter's Snake. Then again, the character is different as well if you can just forget that Hayter did do the previous Big Bosses...
  9. Dark Souls II

    I finished the first round. I think I killed everything and did everything, but still I haven't engaged NG+ yet because I'll first check if there are things I might've missed. I'm level 128 and got some 60 hours clocked.
  10. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    Yes, it's definitely like watching an episode of 24, there's no helping it. Just replace Kaz with Chloe.
  11. MGS V: Ground Zeroes

    I like the gameplay, except the way you stick to walls now (or rather, you don't :P). I also found the voice acting extremely underwhelming, aside from Kiefer Sutherland but unfortunately Snake didn't have nearly as many lines as Kaz.
  12. Yoshi's NEW Island

    I'd guess that NIS America will pick up Persona Q for Europe, the reason why SMT4 is still stuck in limbo is because Nintendo was supposed to release it here. Maybe Nintendo didn't like the theme of the game or something, and decided not to risk it.
  13. 3DS eShop Thread

    Yay, I was waiting for Phoenix Wright to have a discount, I suppose now is as good time as any...
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    Bayonetta, even in Japan, only had English voices. Not sure what they will do with Bayonetta 2 though.
  15. N64 Appreciation Thread

    Here are some of the N64 games I've bought last year (don't mind the SNES games), now too bad you can't actually see what they are with no labels! Reason I bought them loose is that I simply wanted to play the games. I have been collecting for ages but for N64 I suddenly got this fever last year and started amassing all the USA/JAP games I could find. I have given up on PAL gaming altogether because they are without exception, inferior. I want to buy one of those Hori controllers at some point, but I do like the regular one very much though so I'm not sure if it's wise. NTSC console superiority: one console plays both regions (just clip a piece of plastic) and supports S-video output. Games are all exactly as they were meant to be played, not squished and sloooooooow like PAL Mario 64.
  16. Nintendo Direct: The Legend of Buffering

    Maybe they will finally give "X" a real name. It's going to be Xeno-something though!
  17. NEW Nintendo Direct

    He did a very good impression. Please understand.
  18. 3DS eShop Thread

    I bought Virtue's Last Reward now that it was on sale for 12,49€, it seems pretty interesting but I usually skip these kind of games since the gameplay is mainly click-frantically-everywhere-hoping-that-something-happens ^^ I got stuck in Hotel Dusk and eventually sold it. I didn't even finish Ace Attorney 3 since I continuously got frustrated with the detective scenes. It's all about triggering certain flags and you think you've tried everything already a million times but then there was some one pixel that you forgot to inspect and didn't get a certain dialog so you couldn't move forward, even if you as a player knew exactly what to do.
  19. Wii U eShop Thread

    Maybe a pokémon companion game might cheer the Wii U up. I'm talking a game like Pokémon Stadium 2 with lots of features, and not Pokémon Battle Revolution.
  20. Your Favorite Demos?

    Well, every christmas looked similar... 1997: Tomb Raider 2 1998: Tomb Raider 3 1999: Tomb Raider 4
  21. Your Favorite Demos?

    I have fond memories of Official Playstation Magazine demo discs, back then in late 90s I didn't have money to buy new games and my parents kept a strict 1-game-per-year-policy but I did buy those magazines sometimes and they came with pretty enjoyable demos. Some demos were of course better than others, I remember Metal Gear Solid VR Missions demo being quite large for example. One great thing about demos was that they were often somewhat different from the final product, so they were more like beta versions (remember Resident Evil 2 demo that came with RE Director's Cut?), making them worth playing through once, even if you played the final product already
  22. Tomodachi Life

    I suppose it's kinda like Animal Crossing but with actual humans, and aimed at more adult users? Looks pretty interesting. I'm having hard time imagining this released outside Japan without some heavy modifications rendering the game totally different :/
  23. 3DS eShop Thread

    http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/01/the_legend_of_zelda_four_swords_anniversary_edition_available_for_free_right_now_in_north_america What is this? Where is our free game?
  24. Would you buy DS titles on your Wii U VC?

    Not a chance. Who ever asked for DS titles for Wii U anyway? They'd make perfect sense on 3DS though, just like GBA games. Why were they never released except for ambassadors?
  25. Tomodachi Life

    I still have no idea what this game is about, but since it's huge in Japan I'm totally interested. Unfortunately they will most likely cut out all the good parts, but maybe they'll include gay marriage this time, at least for the European version?