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  1. Thanks, they only want $15CDN for shipping I will just need to confirm on a local Irish bulletin board customs here won't hit me with tax because of the item type and since it's from outside of the EU. If anyone can recommend anywhere that sells them cheaper please do.
  2. Hi I would have preferred a black Wii but since I found a white one second hand for €50 (£42.37, $64.18) with two nunchucks and two wiimotes I opted for that instead. Now that we have a white Wii I would naturally like the two classic controller pros I buy to be white also but there is only one on eBay and it is in the US and the seller wants to charge me $160 shipping, Amazon UK have them in red or black but only the white official through one of their marketplace sellers who is charging three times the price, and Amazon.com, although they stock them, will not deliver to Ireland. Do any of you know where I can buy two without paying an arm and a leg? Please do not move this thead to buy/sell/trade - I am asking here if anyone knows where I can order them online rather than trade on the forums - I have a post for that already there.