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  1. Your Last Game

    I don't know dude. I just took an instant dislike to Hazy Maze Cave. I didn't know where the hell i was supposed to go and it was dingy and NOT Mario-like! I couldn't even bring myself to get the the first star i was just thinking "i ain't got time for this shit" right from the start. Whomp's Fortress and Bob-omb Battlefield are perfect Mario worlds. Tall Tall Mountain was good too, but a very awkward second star stunted my progress there!
  2. Your Last Game

    True. It's a shame they lumped all the bad worlds together like that cos it makes you think the game has gone rubbish.
  3. General Retro Discussion

    I'm glad it was the first Doom i played, it's a masterpiece. DOOM 64 IS A MASTERPIECE.
  4. Your Last Game

    Mario 64 Really enjoyed the first few worlds but some of the later ones - i can't deal. Especially Hazy Maze Cave. It's just not Mario-like. Also some of the later worlds were too wide open for me, i like linear. That's just my taste. The camera is good for a 3D game. The occasional camera fail, but compared to most 3D games it's good. Controls were very good and intuitive, can't fault them. Music was only okay, with the odd stand out such as the Bowser theme. But yeah, could only make it to 55 stars without getting totally fed up. Back in the day i got all 120 stars and Yoshi. I've changed. :awesome:
  5. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    It's cranked up to full resistance! (but is a kinda cheap bike, and the full resistance isn't overly tough tbh). And just wanna burn calories! (so i can eat more food). Actually don't WANT muscly legs, but it's cool if they get a bit stronger. As long as they don't look all hard and muscly. Yuk.
  6. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    It is ok to go on an exercise bike for an hour every single night? Cos that's what i've been doing for about a week, and my leg muscles feel alright! Not sore or anything.
  7. General Retro Discussion

    Any Doom 64 love out there? Been thinking about this a lot lately. It's by far the best installment of that series, but just gets ignored? It was terrifying. Afterwards, i did try to play the originals, but couldn't handle the metal music. Was expecting long periods of silence broken by scary unidentifiable sounds like in 64. Babies/lambs screaming = scarier than thrash metal. They just weren't scary! I quite like Doom 3, but i played it on PC, and i think a lot of my terror was caused by the fact i was crap at controlling a FPS with a mouse and keyboard. I could've been blown to smithereens at any time!