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  1. Pokemon get's owned

    i never new hitmon chan screems like a girl, this is a classic must see clip, is there ne more where this came from ?
  2. Rate my sig :)

    what crits ?i cant run off just a number.
  3. Rate my sig :)

    i know about the 'rate above persons sig' thread but i would mine rating quickly, this is my first sig and would like you too tell me what you think, p.s how do i get downloaded text into 'the gimp' i download it but it doesnt come up in my programmes. help appreciated
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    8/10, i like the style, nice edges. good sig !
  5. Namco Register 4 NEW Tales Games!!

    half of them i dont like, tales of tempest is the only nice one
  6. Memory stick duo PSP

    i am wanting a new size memory stick for my psp, given that i want short video clips tons of save a couple of music tracks tons of pictures. what would be the best card for me, i am thinking of the 512mbone or should i pay am extra 20 quid for the 1gig one. is it worth the extra money ?
  7. Rev to use 12GB discs?

    how much would you think a blu-ray ps3 game will cost (estimate) then ?
  8. 1.Tales of Symphonia, Very long rpg, millions of hours and such indepth story, and thats without the beautifful anime styled graphics 2.Resi 4, The graphics you could say where ahead of the time for GC, gameplay and story was good. 3. Legend of zelda, Orcarina of time 4. Mario kart: double dash 5. Pokemon blue.
  9. Tales of Symphonia Official Thread

    i sold my tos copy but stil have my save, does any one now where i can get it for cheep ???
  10. Flameboy Sigs

    please may you make me a sig on the metal gear solid them thanks
  11. ah man i want this so badly!!!!

    http://www.weoponsgalore.com, that has loads of cool blade 3 stuff
  12. Crimbo prezzies !

    I know im getting a psp and a couple of dvds and a few games. What are you guys gettin ??