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  1. User Image Gallery

    That's not the way you're supposed to drink beer.
  2. User Image Gallery

    No and fuck no :P Kopo resembled (still does) Frodo and he goes to Ghent Uni now. I'm at Ghent College and still see him a few times a week. He's always on IRC too. Just drifted off I guess
  3. User Image Gallery

    After speaking to Eenuh a bit I decided to come lurk here a while, and even to contribute to a huge (HUGE) thread. Jesus people, find something else to do. That being said, here's some of my own. 4* Combo, camping tickets and 21 drinks at Rock Werchter! Aw Yeah! 1)Boredom 2)Photo Booth 3)?????? 4) My little sister and I! What? Why are you calling me a hypocrite?
  4. Rage...Building

    But not even the Americans pluralise with an apostrophe. (I'm just being picky, need to vent some studying stress : peace: ) If by 'listening to some music on my phone' you mean without headphones then was right to want to snap that shit in half. Also, if that was the case, he shoud have won the fight and broken your nose. (Does what piss me off become clear?) If that was not the case, however, please carry on. You did overreact though. Annoying as he may be, the slap to the neck/back/whatever was uncalled for.
  5. User Image Gallery

    Like men really go to the internet to look at their own girlfriends.... Just wanted to say hi : peace: -edit- Also you should be sleeping right now! >: O! As should I, night
  6. User Image Gallery

    OI MATE YA BETTA NOT BE LOOKIN AT ME WIMMINS TITS OR AHL SMASH YE FUCKIN 'EAD IN YA ****! God made 'em for a reason (where's quagmire when you need him). -edit- I saw Eenuh looking at this thread! Come back we need more Belgian babe in here! :P
  7. Word up! Woop woop! Woop! woop!
  8. User Image Gallery

    Popping back in, I like to see how the boards change over time The girlfriend and myself on the left: She's staring a bit strangely but the boobs look fantastic so it's all good ;D And here's another of me looking like a douche (We were just arriving at the scene :P):
  9. Knocked up - not the movie :(

    LIES! LIES AND SLANDER DAMMIT! Also hello and happy new years!
  10. Your Top 5...

    Top 5 Reasons Why This Forum Is Shitty and Boring: 1. The 'Meaningless Post' thread. This is a forum, not slowchat. 2. Internal moderator/admin friction. Who sets the examples? 3. Threads like this. Also, 'Post Your...' threads. 4. Lack of interesting debate whatsoever. 5. Allyn >: (
  11. Post Your Purchases

    2* 1 GB PC3200 Kingston laptop RAM for my lappy (duh) at 104 euro a pop (70 pounds) A ticket to Dour Festival in July along with the ladyfriend Yay! ^70 euro for 4 days of goodness (47 pounds)
  12. But they don't HAVE to be. Well now they do because of commercial intrests holding the site bla bla bla owing to the community bla bla.
  13. This isn't Quake You're welcome to make a new channel of course. They aren't paid, nor professionals. In fact, everyone still wonders daily who was dumb enough to give them those @'s. vv I thought you'd never call me that outside of the bedroom >: (
  14. What do you mean exactly? Why would a channel with 'unmoderated' moderators be more fun? In fact, having nazi bastards like Particle_Man running the place is even more fun. 1. Insult Peem 2. Get kicked, possibly banned. 3. ??? 4. You're still banned! It's win-win, seriously.