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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

    yea i am starting to think it might come but not now, after some time
  2. Grand Theft Auto

    that is the problem you don't know how to compare games you can't compare First Person Shooter with a Third Person Prime and GTA that doesn't go lol "Dabookerman" lol, reminds me of the boogeyman:p
  3. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    sorry i don't troll and spamm i am trying to stop one now but more and more just keep coming well you can't stop em all
  4. Gamecube a Letdown?

    shut up and stop trolling so many spammers STICK TO THE TOPIC
  5. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    and who are you Engima? what makes you think i don't belong here you are the one that should get bann STICK TO THE TOPIC AND STOP TROLLING
  6. ? some people say is and hardcore, adult and GREAT but i am not sure
  7. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    you are just making a fool out of your self trying to argue it won't work AND STOP SPAMMIN AND TROLLING stick to the topic kiddo
  8. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    This boy is really pissing the sh@t out of me first of all, you warn me about my langauge second you troll around looking for my topic ready to aruge now you are warning me about my behaviour if only there is something to block some peoples post i will be happy> You posted you are not the admin/mod and you don't own this forum, so... why are you warning acting has if you are some big man and me threathing you ROFL, do you even know what a threat is? i swear you are the one that came up with me doing sexiest? TO MANY MOVIES KID! and did you all watch and read how i set your @ss straight,? you like or no like:D
  9. oh yea that reminds me Ethernal Darkness tell/list me all good things about that game i am thinking of getting it:p
  10. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    did you read the first tec spec i did? becuase its the same thing
  11. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    it is so useless aruging with kids really is just like some other forum i was at When Sonic The Hedgehog on 360 was leak, i posted the game, the dumb admin that thinks he knows all closed it saying the game is fake, and that video is a fan made look at him now, prove his @ss wrong that is what i am doing to you kids now i will keep calling you that, BECUASE YOU ARE ALL ACTING LIKE ONE! always listen to someone that knows somthing NEW, and at the end he will be right or wrong, but no! you kids think you know all! what ever.. like i always say, and i will say it again "its usless posting with kids!"
  12. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    dammit what happen? the thing must have coopy every thing:(
  13. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    "Confirmed hardware and technology Nintendo has announced that IBM has been working with the development of the CPU, codenamed "Broadway." IBM was previously involved with the development of the processor in Nintendo's current system, GameCube" Known specifications Due to the relatively early stages of development, specifications may change before the console's final release. Processors: IBM PowerPC CPU "Broadway": No further details. ATI GPU "Hollywood": The graphics card is believed to be being developed by the same team formerly known as the Californian firm ArtX which developed the graphics chip of both the Gamecube and its predecessor, the Nintendo 64, before being purchased by ATI. Memory: 1T-SRAM by MoSys No further details. 512 MiB built-in flash memory Replaces the function of an internal hard drive. Will be used to store: Revolution game save data Downloaded games Game demos Patches or upgrades Ports and peripherals: Two USB 2.0 ports. No proprietary serial ports announced. All Nintendo consoles to date have a serial port. Wireless controllers. A single proprietary output for video and audio. A dongle enabling DVD playback. 4 Nintendo GameCube controller ports and 2 Nintendo GameCube memory card ports (for compatibility). Optional USB PC-compatible 802.11b wireless router. Media: Slot loading optical disc drive compatible with both 12 cm and 8 cm proprietary optical discs (again, for GameCube compatibility) as well as standard DVD discs. 2 front loading SD memory card slots. Networking: Wi-Fi by the Broadcom Corporation: Built-in 802.11b & 802.11g support. No Ethernet port. Final version could be smaller than the presented E³ prototype, "about the size of three stacked standard DVD cases" (as quoted from the conference). you all just don't like it, becuase i am better than you and i got a life:p
  14. CUBE Forums

    Ramar first of all, i got confused with Cube mag and Cubeforum that was my msitake, i even stated and one person with with a brain and mature enough told me that they are debating about CUBE mag Now some f@king idiot came in, first trying to start more fight, which he has just succesfully did, and stated some lie about him and CUBE forum in other to camoflage himself Now Ramar, you too, didn't understand i made a mistake, if you kids can read well, it will be much easier Now you say you are older than me and you want to ingore me? what are you trying to prove, adults and mature people know, to defeat someone without having a fight, INGORE them, and you are trying to tell me you can't resist, so you wanted to reply back posting you are older than me anyway Lets forget this, i won't reply anymore to this topic, but if you reply anything about me , i am coming back:D just get on with your mag:p
  15. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    btw? what is that? anway maybe you kids are getting confused with the name and tech spec i am talking about the tec spec you kids must mean the name