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  1. Mass Effect 3

    I havnt gotten into any of the Mass Effects yet and I would seriously like to, however The Wii U Mass Effect 3 is not the answer, I want to carry over my character \ choices from the first game all the way to the third. If it gets announced that the first and second Mass Effects will be releasing (even if its only on the eShop) on the Wii U then I will seriously consider getting them all on Wii U
  2. Guess someone answered you already, but yeah it's pretty much the same as the original CPP. It doesn't add much size to the XL so it's not big as you would expect and doesn't add much weight to the XL. I found it a little more comfortable then the original as well. As for wear and tear, I haven't really used it too much to have any, but I don't expect it to either really. My original is still good as new. :)


    Depends if your going to use it much, I think they might release it with Monster Hunter in March but that's speculation on my part so it depends if you can wait 2 months and see if they do or not. Importing it would guarantee you have one and in a week or two though so that's a bonus. Worth getting one though, can't play RE: Revelations without it myself.

  3. Disney Infinity

    Amen to Pokémon
  4. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

    Great to hear, thanks! I think I'm going to just go through with it and order it tomorrow Thanks for all the reply's guys : peace:
  5. Hiya

    New to the forums but wanted to ask you about the CPP (circle pad pro) for the 3DS XL

    I heard you imported it from Japan (something I'm thinking of doing)

    Iv got some questions and I hope you can answer them for me :)

    Is the CPP XL easy to use?

    Hows the comfort level?

    Hows the durability? (have you noticed any wear and tear)

    and finally, Would you recommend importing it or waiting for a release in EU?


    Thanks in advance!

  6. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

    Thanks for the reply I'll give Ike a Pm to get some feedback
  7. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

    I heard this is out in Japan, I'm wondering if it will be worth my while to import one? There has been no word on the release date for the circle pad pro in Europe and I'm starting to wonder if its even coming out here If anyone has imported it I would appreciate some feedback (for example : how easy it is to use, has it worn badly) Thanks I'm new here, so hello to all
  8. Fist of the North Star 2 (eShop - Feb 7th)

    Hooked a 1TB up to my Wii U the other day Works great