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  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    sonic should be super smash as he has more heratige than solid snake, rayman,sam fisher all put together also i think there should be tails and knuckles in super smash that would be too cool
  2. I don't know about you...

    well at least wii get to use the nitendo wii name in a good light you cant esactly make good fun in jokes about the ps3 name can you only lamo things like "you big fat steaming pile of bull ps3" nuff said !
  3. OMG Sony did it

    Nintendo should sue for this make a big statement that sony are a bunch of unimagative gits and also if they win it will help sink the compitition
  4. No More News

    The chance of there being any ne really good meaty news this close to E3 Are slim to none so here is another "public service anouncement" There will probably be bugger all in the form of really cool news about the wii in the next 4 days so all you mother funglers stop your whining and learn the jedi art of paitence and just sit tight.
  5. ´Cisco´ interested in buying Nintendo?

    Nintendo are not a stupid over inflated company like microsoft. 1. they make profit on every console sold 2. they are making a fortune from there own games. i think the only way another corporation in going ton take them over is if they give them there own continent.
  6. I thought this might be the case you see re5 on the 360,ps3 will bacicaly be a better looking re4 (as if you can get any better looking than re4) but i think the bigger studios will have game that are more tailored to the rev. i fore see a soul caliber revolution designed to work with the controller like nothing before it. a final fantasy revo and other brilliant titles that are optimised to work on the revo
  7. I know its a Osaka's Blog but....

    tho i am skeptical this is one of the better more realistic looking screen of the rev
  8. Help Convincing nintendo about Dolby digital 5.1

    The reason thet nintedo went with pro logic 2 is because of latency issues with dolby digital. and thats why we may see dolby digital this time round because they have time to optimise the system.
  9. 2006

    The revo uses todays tech just in the same way the DS uses todays tech to be cheap and easly made. thats why the DS is quite succesfull in fact that all the bits that are to used are already being made for other uses so all they have to do i sourse a good surpluss of these parts and create there console. Thus meaning very little chance of running out of product to sell. so nintedo arnt stupid enough to do an XBOX360 and only have enough for the hard core gamers and not enough for everybody else until about next christmas.
  10. well if nintendo do suport something like this it will make the revo controler work so much better
  11. 2006

    Why do some people belive that the rev will come out in 2007 in europe. I heard from many sourses accross the net that nintendo may persue the Apple school of marketing and release right after E3. It worked for the i pod. why cant it work for nintendo. Theyve learnt from there mistakes. look at the ds any how nintendo are not stupid enough to wait an entire year to release ther console in one of the biggest markets and give the compition long enough to controll the market. So i belive we wont have long to wait. (if we ar lucky only about six months)
  12. Floor Vision patent

    has any body bother to go to the us patents web site and look up the nintendo floor vision because i have and that thing has nothing to do with it the floor vision is something to do with theme park rides. i couldnt get any pictures
  13. Prices for rev controller

    Well i guess that you guys are barking up the right tree but was just pointing out that these new contollers might be a little more exspensive that normal boring controllers.
  14. Prices for rev controller

    I ve just been to gyration's website and there chepest mouse is $79. jeez man mutiplayer gaming has never seemed so exspensive check it out here now i am only speculating but there are some features on that mouse that we dont need on the revolution to make it cheaper but iam just throwing this little insight into the ball park to see what you think. are they going to make this the peice of hard wear that they lose money on. like microsoft and the xbox 360
  15. "Hollywood" Graphics Chip Info!

    by the way i think the new zelada tp screens look just as good as those of any xbox 360 game and resi games use pre rendering to produce those high graphic values so there