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  1. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    Here is the latest news. I currently live in the Middle East where Wii U has not yet been released however a couple of weeks ago I start seeing the machines popping up in different game shops but mostly Europe version. I finally found one store who sells the US version and I asked about the power supply but his response shocked me. He said "Oh no problem, they are 120-240 and we have sold many of them.", He responded to my question about the voltage rating on the power supply that is only 120 as "yeah, that is what is says but we plug them to 240 and they work fine. I guess they just want to fool people". I was puzzled after conversation with this guy so got home and start my search on the Internet for similar claim. I found a few people who also reported the same so I thought to myself, I have to buy the replacement anyway so lets try and plug the 120 power supplies to 240 and voila, it worked fine and I have been using my Wii U with original US power supplies plugged in to 240 for more than 10 days now. So I guess, it was cheaper for Nintendo to make a universal power supply with different back cover to convince the consumers that its machines are region locked.
  2. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    To all who are looking for AC power adapter. I found lots of suppliers now offering both adapter on Alibaba for wholesale. That means very soon, we will have supply of 3rd party adapters on ebay or other online sellers. At the moment I only found one ebay seller and the console AC power adapter costs $39.00 (buy it now price + free worldwide shipping). I however believe price will drop to about $20 when there are more sellers offering similar products.
  3. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    Hi All, I also have US version of the AC power supplies and am interested to exchange them with a pair of UK version. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.