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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles Official Thread

    I bought this a few months ago, thought I'd be wise to pick it up with it being increasingly rare and got a mint condition copy off eBay for just under £40. Really want to start it but I'm quite intimidated by it
  2. ZombiU

    Really need to go back to this, I believe i'm quite close to the end, done all the missions presented to me and just have to collect the letters. Not played it in about two months though
  3. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Yeah I'm not really much of an online gamer in general but I can imagine this to be the kind of game that would be great fun online. If there's a good community on here playing it I may well pick it up and give it a go despite the demo.
  4. Wii U eShop Thread

    F-Zero is a lot harder running at 60hz, love it though!
  5. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    Picked this up the other day, my first Wii U game since launch and I think it's absolutely fantastic. Probably enjoying it more than I've enjoyed the last couple of Mario Karts infact.
  6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Downloaded the demo last night, it was my first experience of Monster Hunter and I've got to say I'm not really impressed, don't think I'll be bothering. I didn't really know what I was doing to be fair, it does throw you in at the deep end without any real explanation, but I didn't find the controls particularly intuitive and the constant loading between areas was a bit jarring.
  7. ZombiU

    Thanks mate, I did manage it when I took the time to calm down and regain my composure. Back at the safehouse now!
  8. ZombiU

    This has driven me crazy tonight
  9. ZombiU

    Plugged on a bit more with it after getting over my frustration, my supplies are dwindling after the amount of them I lost and the amount of zombies the game has thrown at me since but its just adding to the challenge. Really fantastic game, the atmosphere is amazing and its so tense. Really looking forward to seeing what they do with any sequel to this!
  10. ZombiU

    Yeah thought as much, in my case Mr. 2 here had little of value on him so I won't be bothering going back for him and putting my life on the line again! Yeah I didn't check the CCTV boxes yet as I turned the game off in frustration, hopefully I'll come across them soon enough as it's going to make the next section of the game a damn sight more difficult having only a bloody pistol and cricket bat.
  11. ZombiU

  12. ZombiU

    Been loving this so far but its managed to really frustrate me tonight, my game glitched and basically the only way I ended up being able to continue was to commit suicide. Of course that meant I'd lose all my items but I figured, no biggie I'll just go back and retrieve them. Of course the route back there were dozens of zombies and I was completely ill equipped to get them so my survivor died and now all my good items are gone Wouldn't be so annoyed if it was my own fault I died first time round, but when its a glitch in the game at fault its very frustrating!
  13. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    Anybody else finding this quite difficult? I'm only on the third world and I died for fun on certain levels so far. I don't know whether I've just become crap at 2D Mario Platformers or whether this is just a really tough Mario game!
  14. Nintendo Direct: 5th December 5pm GMT

    Makes no sense for Nintendo to be showing off any huge reveals. There's plenty on the horizon for both 3DS and Wii U between now and next E3. We have Scribblenauts Unlimited, Monster Hunter 3, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3 and Game & Wario all on the horizon for Wii U. Not to mention there's still plenty of room for other third party announcements, weren't there rumours that Square-Enix were planning to release one of their major titles, probably Tomb Raider. If that, along with Aliens: Colonial Marines and a few others are on the way then the Wii U has to me a very strong schedule for the months ahead. I don't forsee any major announcements till E3 - Nintendo are going to be up against MS and Sony's new consoles and really are going to need their software to show. If they can pull well into completion versions of the next Mario and Smash Bros' out of the bag, in addition to whatever Monolith and Retro are working on and potentially even a trailer for the next Zelda then they could really show up MS and Sony. Would be silly of Nintendo to show their hand now when there is already plenty on the horizon.
  15. ZombiU

    Haha thats awesome! I'm gonna restart this soon and hopefully run into a few other survivors now I've got some friends added!