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  1. it is odd when it happens tho, not what is needed tho lol
  2. although i did vote for N64, i think that all of tham are great in their own way, the technology and games evolved as i grew up and each one provided me with a great gaming experience, plus my mood changes and consoles dont have much of a hold on me so i can happily play any of them as long as the games good of course
  3. What the hey, give it a try if you really, really want to not like i could give a shit lol im up for the ban, but this thread is getting a bit too much, sure you have strong feelings about this. But smoking is effectively an addiction for many people and many arent as strong willed or fuckin right all the time as some people, theres nothin i hate more than people ignorant to the fact that every arguement has two sides, sure smokers dont have any real arguement, but they're still there, smokin. many of my extended family have died from cancer, some caused b passive, some by smoking themselves.But im not getting really riled up when the subjects raised. Society still works with the principle that yo either do something about it or shut the fuck up and deal with it, and ive helped alot of my mates quit. good thing with the ban is that many people have done something about it and thats great, but comments like yeah i'll come and kick the shit out of you, just make me laugh and remember that that there is a difference between fighting for something and fighting over something which this thread has basically turned into. as jav sed moan, moan, moan. Do somethin about it, then I'll listen to why you have a problem with something
  4. Bomberman?

    looks cool
  5. This threads startin to sound like you lot wanna line up smokers and shoot them. im not bothered either way tbh. its just gonna be interesting to see how the british smoking publics gonna take it.
  6. True, alcohol related incidents cost the NHS much more a year than smoking. I understand that it can affect a wider range of people in the immediate area. But the repucussions of alcohol abuse can be far more disturbing, and what has the government done about that? 24 hour licensing. The problem is that they are both socially accepted that can be taxed. If cannabis could be controlled, legislation might be different.
  7. My first concert.

    why is it always that song? I saw a band do angel of death by pantera in a BotB that was sweeet
  8. Freeom of choice (aka Doing what the feck you want)
  9. the only place ive seen a good smoking and non smokin area is at an airport, where the smoking area was outside and there were two sets of soundproof doors to go between them
  10. Emos

    I remember going to one gig where there was hundreds of emos standing round waiting for the doors to open and a fair few grungers and metallers were there too, then the biggest of the grungers raored "EMO's!!!!!!!!!!" it seems to me that EMO is becoming like a fasion statement like the 9 year old slipknot "fans". i know too many that just use the term to use it as an excuse to experience teen angst and look so miserable that i just wanna grab their fringe and slam them into a lamp post, but thats my opinion. true many people do have problems in their lives, but theres always the Wannabes that give a bad name. Im a grunger, but i dont go around being a prick or slagging off other peoples tastes (apart from mabye some people sometimes due to personal reason, hypocritical eh?) all my friends have different tastes in music, i have never felt the desire to be part of a group or fit in with certain people because of musica, fashion or idealogical inclination
  11. restaurants and pubs i can understand. But clubs? not a chance. try telling a bunch of mashed clubbers they cant smoke and there'll be a riot
  12. extra initiative for people to give up too, time will tell tho. the british public have a knack of hating change, this new legislations in a for a bumpy ride
  13. Revolution Design Picture

    Which hole is it here? if its the one below the AV output, it looks like a the kinda port for digital cameras and stuff (wild guess but hey )
  14. My first concert.

    I went to roadrage in cardiff for my first gig, il nino, spineshank and chimaira. feckin awesome!
  15. A new way to cool your pc

    Ive seen that done, but it was a fish tank intead, pretty cool