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  1. Senran Kagura Burst

    That actually looks really nice plus just 500? Sold! I doubt I would ever wear it but I like how the shirt isn't to public unfriendly Unlike a certain other one.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Anyone had a chance to try out Streetpass yet?
  3. Bravely Second

    Must...Not.. Buy... [edit] I did it anyway, When you actually get to the checkout it goes down to 86 euros, Did for me anyway.
  4. Persona Q (3DS)

    Alittle weird seeing a Persona game on a Nintendo system, The chibi design looks very Sega. I'll probably pick this up on my Japanese 3DS when it comes out. Since Nisa picked up some European releases from Atlus I could see them bringing it over, provided Atlus USA localised it, if we use Persona 4 on Vita as an example it may not take to long!
  5. Changing 3DS data over SD cards

    Is the save still on the other SD memory card? If so, Put it back in and while having it displayed on your 3DS screen at the bottom it should say "Open, Manual" to the left it should have an arrow so you can backup your save data back it up and copy everything again. I've never had the problem but it could help.
  6. I think maybe each game code can only be used for one promotion, So the using the Hunt Together thing made MH sort of "invalid" for this one. I'm just guessing though your best bet would be to contact Nintendo.
  7. Bayonetta 2

    I've heard some people saying it might grow as the story progresses since her hair was kinda important in the first game. Probably something like an in-game power up (Now that you have long hair you can beat this boss!) Either way, I love her new design.
  8. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    I also have 4, Just give it awhile I only got my 4th today I think maybe they get to different people at different times since my brother got a few before me.
  9. Super Robot Taisen UX

    I liked the DS game Endless Frontier, It was pretty fun and you could almost see some naughty bits. Did get pretty annoying at times. Would love to see this game come over but I really doubt it. Maybe America but Europe has little to no chance, A shame aswell since it actually had a pretty interesting battle system. Not to big on that 3DS XL though, Looks nice but not to different form the normal piano black version.
  10. Its pretty cool because Randomly Generated Comedy, but the jokes don't really work. I think you could have a few laughs at it mostly for how silly some situations turn out but that's it. I haven't made enough posts to link to mine yet, Unfortunately.
  11. I just hope they didn't put to money into this idea. Do you have to bring your own games or do they supply you with some? Either way why pay £200 to play a game for an absolute maximum of 24 hours. If they had money to waste on this they can't be doing to bad, That's a bright [?] side at lest.
  12. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    All The Bravest sounds quite strange to me, It makes more sense (language wise) than Bravely Default but I think "Bravely Default" seems like a more recognizable name. Flying Fairy I wouldn't mind them dropping thought. Hope Europe gets to keep that cover art!
  13. Free game if you have a 3DS XL

    No love for those who brought the original 3DS after it had its price reduced. I kinda want New Style Boutique too.
  14. Does the gamepad weight itself down at all?
  15. Nintendo Gamepad Disconnect

    I'm surprised Nintendo didn't figure that out during testing. Do you think maybe its interference from outside your apartment?