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  1. Ps3 and Xbox won't see my PC

    Ok well its still not resolved. I just did a reset of my router. Ive created a new Home network, setting up everything, back at square 1, Xbox and Ps3 don't see my PC but i can see them in the router.... Shot me someone....
  2. Ps3 and Xbox won't see my PC

    @bob - it's not a media issue, i have TVERSITY and its not working
  3. Hi everyone, i'm close to commit suicide, im desperate Here's my problem: PC to Router was Wired Xbox360 and Ps3 Wireless since always Bought a Wireless card for my PC because i cant use wired anymore (No plug in the room) Since then it's been a fight between myself and my console and im not winning. PS3 and XBOX won't see my PC but they can connect to Ps netowrk and xbox live My 2 others laptop can see my PC and can also access my shared media. So in Windows media player 12 the streaming is ok but i can see that my Ps3 and XBOX are not connected My router is configured DHCP i can see my 3 computer and my 2 console. I can ping PS3 but not the Xbox My new WIFI card, Share media is enable and IPV6 is Disable Firewall now gone Antivirus now gone So no firewall and no antivirus, but please note that last saturday while i was wired, everythign was working fine. On the console i tried to do a rescan, and not working So the only thing that has change, are the card, the IP and the MAC, eveyrhting else is the same. Anyone has any idea ?