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  1. bad stuff thread.

    Today in the morning I entered into a fight with my neighbor...she is such a cheap lady i hate her..god give her some brains...
  2. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I am listening to St gallen's "remember when thirty seem so old"...its an old song but i love it most of the time..
  3. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    ohh the thread has got great info..and loosing weight is always an important thing for everybody out here..will surely like to work on my increasing weight...
  4. i have got my women of dreams..and we have been in relationship since 6 long years...and would be getting married has changed my life in a better way,,,
  5. Funny Stuff Thread

    lol it was great..:santa:end out laughing:laughing::Ding..these white people always discourage the black people and very smartly disrespect them..back people spend their whole life in shock like this... they are mad..
  6. Funny Stuff Thread

    lol this one is funny...: peace:
  7. Funny Stuff Thread

    hahahahaha this pic is funny man...i fell from my chair..
  8. Funny Stuff Thread

    ohh friend thanxx a lot...glad to hear this line.. and yes the jokes were nice..both by the guys & the ladies..
  9. Funny Stuff Thread

    Hi guys yes I am from new yourk...but what is the problem in being from new yourk?? you dont keep member from this place???& why dont i look genuine???what should i do to look genuine??
  10. Funny Stuff Thread

    Friends I am new to this forum & I want to tell you that i found this forum very interesting & the most funny of them was this thread..i loved the jokes...ended up laughing..Please accept me as team member & get me updated for funny things like this..I think their are a lot of things to worry about so we must take out some time to laugh in our daily life..