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  1. Doctor Who

    the doctor is back next week! rejoice!!!!!!!! tomorrow night on bbc 3 is doctor who night with the usual interviews and sneak peaks and a repeat of the christmas invasion!!! oh joy! i havent been this excited since i ripped my guitar out of its box yesterday and plugged it into my ps2!!!! :D:D (yes i am a big stupid freak!)
  2. Your Cinema

    BFI IMAX at Waterloo - biggest screen in Britain and a wall of thunderous noise for you to enjoy. Cineworld at the O2 - Sky SuperScreen is nice but the benefit is the number of screens and places to eat at the O2. Cineworld West India Quay - Nicest and quietest cinema I've been to in London. Cineworld Haymarket - Classic converted theatre in the middle of the West End with three screens of indie movies. The Ritzy Brixton - Another indie venue though it has just got bought by Cineworld.
  3. Mario Kart 7

    Yep! Tesco are doing it for £29.90. I would have left the store and gone to somewhere else but for the fact that GAME is the only place that sells games in Ealing. Still, used my rewards card so got a tenner off it, made it more palatable. Thank you Skyrim Collectors Edition pre-order :P
  4. Mario Kart 7

    My thumb is now so so so sore from ripping through the first 4 cups. in the past 90 mins. Is there any reason to play through ALL of the cups on ALL of the difficulty settings?
  5. Starfox 64 3D

    Just bought this - whoops! 'spensive but fun game for tube play. I was impressed with the graphics and fluid everything is ^_^ going to start having to take my 3DS with me on my commute to uni again! Kinda sad that there's no STREETPASS/wifi multiplayer though.
  6. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Try it midday on Saturday. In smaller cities I imagine shopping centres at weekends to be the best chance at passing someone until Nintendo sell more of the pocket wonders.
  7. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Passed a fella on the Northern Line this morning. Whooped his ass at SF IV 3D figure battle heh AND got a new piece towards finishing the Zelda puzzle ^_^ Anyone know how street pass works when two people are together for a long period of time and someone else passes them? I've been it that situation before and only one of us got 'passed' :/
  8. 3DS Console Codes

    That's when you PM people?
  9. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Just bobbing along Oxford Street I 'passed' 9 people, and an extra 2 while I was in Starbucks on Sunday. Seems it's really working in central London. Hopefully things will get better still since there's plenty of stock on the high streets.
  10. 3DS Console Discussion

    Do you know about in-store deals at all?
  11. 3DS Console Discussion

    What bundles are GAME offering? Also, what price are they doing for a trade-in DS lite? The boyfriend is thinking about picking one up since he likes mine heh.
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    Hit up St Pancras at 12pm ish? Everyone with a console was probably at home playing with it.
  13. Okamiden

    It was a mission. Had a £20 gift card I got when I bought my 3DS from HMV, so I swung by the HMV at Wimbledon, they didn't have it. Ended up dodging police and protestors and got to HMV Trocodero, bugger was closed due to the idiots who broke away from the main protest. Walked to Oxford St - same thing, not open. Went to GAME on Oxford St - nothing on display, asked a (pretty clueless) woman about it and she had a quick look and said they didn't have it. So I got the tube home to Clapham, got off and popped into Blockbuster and they had it £24.99 Got lucky. Also trading my £20 gift card for £20 with the BF. So I got Okamiden for £5
  14. 3DS Console Discussion

    Just been in central london - Street Pass'd successfully with 6 different people Maybe it will actually catch on on the 3DS unlike the DS.
  15. Okamiden

    Okamiden - GET!!! ^_^
  16. 3DS Console Discussion

    I have Pilotwings and Street Fighter, would I be missing out if I got Okamiden instead of another 3DS game? I have HMV vouchers to spend and they're burning a hole in my pocket =P
  17. Okamiden

    I think i'm going to try and pick it up from HMV in Wimbledon later if they have it in. I have 2 3DS games and none of the others are inspiring me to buy them, so I may get this and reminisce about the first game
  18. Okamiden

    Anyone played this on a 3DS yet?
  19. iPad 2

    I agree - But I think we'll start feeling the pinch as more and more apps and games demand iPad 2 hardware to run.
  20. 3DS Console Codes

    Like send messages? And see usage? Can you invite people into street fighter or do they have to be in the game at the same time to get the invite?
  21. 3DS Console Codes

    Yep, reminds me of when the PS3 first had a friends list. They got it right eventually :P
  22. 3DS Console Codes

    How do you delete friends or reorder them? This basic management seems to be missing
  23. 3DS Console Codes

    Poops - 1805-2155-6985
  24. Pokémon Black & White

    That's the thing, I can connect with my 3DS and with Street Fighter etc but not with pokemon :/ I'll try again and report back anywho - thanks Yep, it works now. Feck knows why it didn't last night *curses wifi router*
  25. 3DS Console Codes

    FYI: Added everyone - Even Ash *shakes angry fist* XD