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  1. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    So what have you gotta say for yourself kid?
  2. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    A shady guy like you? Asking about me? I got nothing to report. How about you? How was your beak?
  3. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Vote: No Lynch I'm just getting warmed up...
  4. Ace Attorney Mafia 1.1 - Sign-ups

    I'll get in on this if it's not too late?
  5. Shame I couldn't grab a point today to take survival down to the final game. I'm now destined for the lower league again Have been happy with how I've rotated my squad though and will hopefully get some decent skill increases and bounce back up after next season.
  6. Xpert 11 World Cup

    It was a great game! Managed to stop the soviet war machine and held on for the last few minutes. Let The Fiesta begin!
  7. Xpert 11 World Cup

    It's the eve of the big game and nerves are setting in while I'm mulling over tactics. I thought for sure we'd get turned over by Germany again but the boys must have figured them out After a shakey group stage we've grew into the tournament. The Mexican Wave rolls on!
  8. Xpert 11 World Cup

    Mexico are through! Ze Germans doing us a favour
  9. Xpert 11 World Cup

    Looks there's home and away legs... I'll see you again at the Azteca for a Mexican standoff!
  10. I've got the easier run in but now the promotion spots are safe we can put our feet up I need to field a lot of youth to get DV up. I've been struggling rotating a big squad this season and like an idiot i've only just started pre-selecting my subs I think an end of season cull is on the cards...
  11. Doing my own subs has paid off nicely with a 5-0 win. The assistant coach has been given his marching orders ;p
  12. I've been wondering, do people set their own substations before games? I've always let the assistant cover it but I'm finding that it's not working out. My last game at 2-2 my best player was subbed for a youth. The game before at 0-0 my best midfielders were taken off as well
  13. I think you went easy on me bob. Playing four defenders... looks like you've gone soft since our days battling it out in the lower league.
  14. I checked the time log and Hydra sent the challenge at 11:41 on friday (game day). I was at work so didn't see it and i Accepted Bob's challenge as i assumed Hydra's had been deemed too late.