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  1. This game just keeps surprising me. So I just beat
  2. Finished this last night after completing all the sidequest/bounties available and levelling up to around lv78. Final boss was hard but I lucked out and didn't die. So 3 deaths in total for the game so far, (normal mode). Loved this game and glad there's some post game stuff to finish off but:
  3. Fantastic game, sunk about 11 hours into it before I realised what the time was. Two deaths thus far, one was my fault and the other was from a surprise boss battle, totally wasn't expecting it. Funny thing is that's the second time a boss battle has come and caught me completely off guard, just that the first time it happened I actually had MP. The writing in this game is hilarious, so many puns.
  4. Clannad After Story and Angel Beats are so sad, if you watch anime. As far as games go, the only 2 I can think of are Lost Odyssey and maybe 'that one scene' out of Valkyria Chronicles (never actually got to that point but ended up seeing it somewhere). Flower and Journey could also be considered emotional experiences.
  5. I was mega hyped for Phoenix Wright and Capcom didn't disappoint, looks really fun to play as! Just Rocket Raccoon and Frank West left to be shown off now then!
  6. ^ I totally agree about the second boss, the typhoon is well overpowered - first time i'd put it to use to. I also didn't like that 'the second boss' didn't really contribute much to the story at all, they were just there. Bit of a crap character but meh. Not overkeen on the boss battles really, but the rest of the game is brilliant. Although I must admit walking out somewhere after you have done a long level and there being one door beside a helipad did make me think, 'why not just drop me off there?' a few times.
  7. Hacking isn't necessary but it's great for building up experience points, but you did say you have all of the important augs. For completionist sake i'll see how close i can get to maxing them all, I would eventually like to get round to unlocking the seeing through walls ability just because it's cool to see through walls and plan the next room that way. Does the plasma rifle take up much room? The main reason guns like the rocket launcher and heavy rifle have been a turn off for me is because they take up so much damn room in my inventory, as does the ammo. On a sidenote, I wonder if anyone has created a patch for the pc version which makes the game have Metal Gear Solid sound effects. I keep hearing the metal gear alarm noise in my head every time i'm discovered.
  8. Been playing this for a few days now and i'm hooked. I love the freedom you get with upgrading your augments and the story and atmosphere so far is superb. I started off (stupidly) by trying to kill everyone Call of Duty style, alerting everyone and getting ganked and the first upgrades i got were all the inventory slots, wall punch, heavy objects, jump, landing system(which actually worked out quite nicely). But after playing through it more i've upgraded my stealth and hacking, which i'd been completely ignoring before, (just arrived in Montreal) and it's making life a lot easier and more interesting by disabling cameras etc. The hardest part of this game is deciding which weapons to take with you. I started off keeping everything I could but eventually i decided to leave out the machine pistol, sniper, heavy rifle and even passed up on the rocket launcher. The 10mm pistol has always been with me, upgraded with extra ammo, reloads, laser, damage and silencer (not fully) and after reading a few comments from people on here decided to get the explosive rounds for my revolver...holy cow. It's my anti-robot gun of choice that one. Other than those i'm still somewhat reluctuntly holding onto the combat rifle and I recently finally picked up the stun gun (which i may or may not chuck out) and the Tranquiliser gun which i've started using, it's pretty good! Definately one of the best games of the year in my opinion. : peace:
  9. Awesome console collection, always good to see some old consoles getting much needed use I personally have 7 consoles hooked up to my big hd tv and 6 hooked up to my old vhs combi. The cables are a nightmare but it's well worth it! And on second look I just noticed that you have the same tv stand as I have my old tv on, awesome little stand. :p
  10. Just started playing this today as I finally had a free day where i could properly sit down and start it. I'd heard good things about it but wow, after just over 7 hours of straight play i'm very impressed. The opening scene and battle was epic. The graphics are impressive for the wii, (but this didn't stop me thinking about how great this could've looked on the PS3). The battle system is engaging and fairly easy to pick up, i love the banter going on between the characters as they're fighting. I love the menu layouts, the customisation of talents and skill trees is nice and easy. And the music, god the music in this game is so so good. The story is also fairly good, a bit undecided on how good i think the mechron are as the enemies, but they're something new and interesting which is always a plus. The characters in the game so far have all been likeable, so the cast gets a thumbs up from me so far. My only minor complaints from the 7 hours i've spent with this so far, is the camera -while customisable- gets a bit annoying at times. Boss battles for one, which put you in a set area are bloody annoying when you get thrown back into a wall and the camera is looking straight over you. The other minor problem is when there's lots of enemies grouped together and Reyn goes to get one, and then runs into another nearby group and aggros a fuckload of enemies. Then again this could just be me being careless. :p As of now I have just reached the entrance to the Drainage area near Colony 6 with Shulk, Reyn and Sharla, all who have just reached level 20. I don't know if this is the right level to be at this point, some enemies seem to kick my arse more than others, but so far bosses have been okay it's mainly just big groups of normal enemies that kill me. I've generally been picking up every quest I see, but only finishing them if i happen to run into the objectives whilst exploring or progressing the story. But overall, i'm very very happy that this game is so good thus far and can't wait to play more. P.S. Did anyone else nearly run into that huge red thing which is in the bionis' leg area. I just about managed to see it as i was attacking something, looked at it's level and ran the hell out of there. As if the random level 7x purple chocobo things weren't bad enough.
  11. All 12 leaked characters Capcom: Firebrand Strider Hiryu Phoenix Wright Vergil Nemesis Frank West Marvel: Hawkeye Ghost Rider Dr Strange Iron Fist Rocket Racoon Nova Mega hyped for this, really enjoy playing MvC3 but felt that there wasn't enough characters. Strange they haven't included Megaman, Venom or Gambit though, fan demand was fairly high for them.
  12. Honestly didn't know that, didn't catch it in any article. It's preordered now anyway, let's hope GAME doesn't bugger this one up like OoT3D.
  13. Just preordered the classic controller bundle on GAME, get a few points and then also for the fact that nowhere else seems to have it for preorder at the moment.
  14. We only got 2, with a dvd that explained everything that happened in 1. Apparently, it sold poorly and they decided not to release 3 over here. Also, it may seem a bit selfish, but wouldn't it be nice if we got an rpg that the US didn't get for once? We got shafted a lot during the 90s, Chrono Cross and Xenogears still haven't seen a release here yet. :\
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