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  1. Lucid Dreaming

    I had a semi-lucid dream last night; I knew I was dreaming, but I didn't have complete control. It was still a great feeling though. For some reason I wanted to turn a TV into a frog.
  2. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Well that was fun.
  3. Mafia Game #5 - N-Europe Forum War!

    Vote: No Lynch Good luck everyone.
  4. Mafia Game #5 Sign-ups - N-Europe member war

    I'm in. I wonder if someone will end up as Chairdriver again, and if they'd have the same powers as last game.
  5. Yeah, I figured you'd give yourself an awesome power, which is why I chose you.
  6. You townies might have actually had a chance at winning if you hadn't killed me =P.
  7. What you got list

    I'm mighty jealous of all you rich folk. Especially you Jordan.
  8. Yeah, you killed us both. Good on ya.
  9. Even after you knew everything, you guys still trusted me too much.
  10. God damn you guys are dumb.
  11. Go ahead punk, make my day.
  12. If it's a no lynch, I'll kill him. If not, he'll most likely die tomorrow. I want my revenge for him setting me up.
  13. You know you're going to die no matter what now anyway?
  14. Oh dear, this isn't good. You guys have really made a mistake. I hope you're happy darsnowman.
  15. If the time runs out it's counted as a no lynch. If that happens, darksnowman is going down.