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  1. I would have to say that for a Halo game, it's actually very good. The now established developers 343 have really put their mark on the series while keeping most of the things people like about the series, I've almost finished the single player campaign in Legendary solo over the past week - I tend to take my time with FPS titles - and it has proved to be solid even though the story element is clearly overblown in the promotional videos... it's still decent enough with enough fan-pleasing elements.


    As for the multiplayer? I haven't touched it yet but again I hear that it's solid and a bit more refined than Halo MCC which is something to be thankful for.


    Overall... perhaps not the definitive entry in the Halo series but then again what is? Worth the price of entry if you're playing through the single player and at least twenty-plus hours of multiplayer but avoid the micro-transactions like the plague as they represent everything which is wrong with the games industry these days.