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  1. I see you've been playing abit of Halo 5 Sam, what are your thoughts on it mate, worth a look? On the fence myself at the moment!

  2. If you do it, it'll be a gaming miracle! But then you're only 30 once...

  3. Haha I've been called worse!!


    Excellent stuff, how are you fairing with Paper Mario? Not a game I would contemplate getting done in one day, surely impossible!


    But if there was a day to do it, it would be your birthday :D

  4. Happy Birthday Sam!


    Hope you have a good'un, just beat me through the 30 door, where's it all going??

  5. Happy Birthday Mokong! If only MH4 had been announced for the west today, would have been the perfect present ;) Have a great day :)

  6. waiting with baited breath over my internet getting fixed, HOPEFULLY tonight!! will be messaging you on here asap when I know, so we can sort out some Splinter Cell!!

  7. Hey, after you posted a pic of a tweet form the Zelda symphony of goddess tour all those months ago, I think you may want to check out the latest "Nintendo Unleashed" video on 3DS Eshop, you and your Tetra crew are on it! :)

  8. Thanks Mohamed, much appreciated! :)

  9. Thanks Bladey boy, much appreciated! :) 28 years old and my parents got me a Super Mario birthday card!

  10. Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you're well, and have a cracking day mate :)


    Must organise a village visit soon, I'll bring you a present! :D

  11. No problemo, enjoy! :)

  12. Are you Mario Karting this week? If you are, how does the thought of an 'endless' Luigi run after sound to you?

  13. Cracking job, thank you sir!

  14. Hi Josh! Yeah it's ready to go, sadly without any pictures or videos though, if it's possible for you to add them and then publish would be much appreciated! :)

  15. Cheers Sam :) yeah who knows, would be keen to stick at it and do some more, see how tomorrow goes I guess!! Looking forward to it, should be exciting (though a little nervous...)

    Saw the 3DS, great news, I look forward to making a mess of your town as and when I can ;) seriously though will be great to visit, and yeah I may need your help hunting, still at HR6! We once worked well as an equal team I though, you may have to carry me now though! :)

  16. Hey,

    Thanks, very proud to be on board! Really looking forward to it, bit nervous too weirdly, but once it's going am sure will be swept up in it all :) cheers for having me on the team :D

  17. Are you picking up Anmal Crossing Sam? Must get myself Hunting again soon, feel I have left myself behind somewhat having been offline so for long!

    Oh and you still haven't added me back on 3DS!

  18. Argh I know, have been utterly useless! However I have been beavering away at MH this eve, trying to get a Gigginox armour set :)


    I have been playing through DK too, I had it and completed it on Wii, but finding it so much more accessible now it's on 3DS! And am trying to do everything, it gets really really tricky once you complete it, so much fun though.


    Yeah try and get in on some LM action with me and fused king. We had some really good games last week, did 25 floors on hard mode, superb! Could try and sort something this week, perhaps on thurs after Mario Kart? Or will you be hunting? (That could tempt me too...)

    If there's one thing I can guarantee, it's that I will do my best to mess up as much of your town as possible ;) getting it as my free game, so just hope I get the code on Friday, don't want to have to wait any longer!! Just a shame there is no Gobul for team GIMP to come up against and take on together! :)

  19. Agreed, will post in the thread in a bit, see if anyone is keen to make it a 3 or 4 way dance later, then maybe we could try rush at some point...

    However if not then yes a good old fashioned bust of ghosts is on the cards, see if we can't match the euphoric highs of Tuesday evening!