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  1. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Tried both of those and neither have fixed my problem. I've had a look online in other chat forums but to no avail, gonna have to ring customer support methinks. Thanks for the advice all the same Blue Ninja0
  2. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I'm having a problem with video output on my wii. I have a 40" Samsung 1080p hdtv connected to my wii via component cables. I had the wii set up for 480p output and everything worked fine. Haven't played the wii in a few weeks, turned it on the last day and for some reason the wii had system reset itself! All my save files, miis etc have gone and now I can't display the wii in 480p. The option in the wii system settings is greyed out and can't be selected. The wii works fine when connected through AV (red, white and yellow) but I get a blank screen when connected through component. I can get over losing my data but I need to fix the 480p problem. The cables don't seem to be damaged in any way and they worked without fail before (using the same tv all the time). I would appreciate any and all ideas/help.
  3. One last secret - and its BIG!

    Another secret? It's gotta be a built-in urinal for the Wii! See what I did there?!
  4. Wii's only downfall

    That is a class game - played it loads when I was younger! I hate the online set up that Nintendo have for the DS, it's just plain annoying. But if they change it for the Wii so that there is one 'friend code' per system, you can see what your friends are playin and can send messages to your friends - I'd be well happy! Never played on Live but am used to online PC multiplayer setups so I'm hopin they improve it vastly over their DS offering, which I'm sure they will!
  5. martial arts?

    I spent over 6 years doing Tae Kwon Do and ended up with a 2nd degree black belt (i.e. 2 black belts), did Karate for about a year and also a few other classes in different arts. Martial arts really are brilliant for you - get fit, confident and kick ass. Pity I havent done anything in about 3 years... Boy I'm lazy!
  6. So... (Pre-ordering)

    I have my Wii pre-ordered for the last 2 weeks. I work in a toy shop, Smyths, (but not in the video game section:angry: ) and there was at least 30 pre-orders for the wii when I put my name down. Don't think they are gonna offer any special deals with the pre-order, rather a console is reserved for you, but I'm not bothered at all - so long as I'm definitely gettin a Wii on release day, I'm one happy camper!!! And the closer we get to the launch, the more I think that it's gonna be the gadget this christmas, especially with news of a console delay today
  7. Nintendo Power EXCLUSIVE (Raving Rabbids)

    This quote makes me very, very happy! :yay:
  8. What is a casual gamer? (mini-rant)

    This is a question I've put to myself a few times recently (casual v hardcore gamers) but never decided on anything. I've been a gamer since the NES and I'm in a similar situation as Fierce_Link. Having read through the above posts I kinda agree with the idea that the amount of knowledge you have about gaming defines whether you are a hardcore gamer or not, but only to a certain amount. In my opinion, InvaderElmo has it spot on. Great topic by the way!
  9. GameSpot streaming conferences free!!

    Does anyone know if any of the sites offering free streaming will offer the same after e3 is finished (i.e. not live)? Or maybe to download a video of the conference? I won't have access to the net for e3, I'm going on holidays :grin:/:mad:, so my only option is to watch the conference at the end of May. I'm thinking GameTrailers.com might offer it but not sure. Anyone have any idea? And what's the story with e3 DVDs? Do they come free with magazines or what?
  10. Mario 128

    Quoted for super-truth!
  11. Buying Wii on the first day?...

    Silly, silly question there Shoe, First day for sure!!! I'll be the one banging on the shop windows, a couple of hours before they open!
  12. Virtual Console Theory Thread

    With 512MB you could fit: 1 PSX game. 10 or 20 N64 games. around 100 SNES games. and loads (and loads) of NES games. These are pure guesstimate figures tho.
  13. Do you shut down ?

    I leave my desktop and laptop on 24/7 and both operate fine for me. However, my laptop has been plugged in constantly for about 2/3 years and the battery is shot - won't work for more than 5 minutes without being plugged in. Doesn't bother me much though, as I rarely bring my laptop anywhere. I've also heard that starting up/closing down you computer puts more stress on your hard drive than just leaving it on. But then the ESB bills (electricity) keep going up. Also, sometimes RAM chips become temporarily damaged if the computer is left on for a long period of time. But all you have to do is restart the computer and all is fine again. It's like the tiny memory cell things get stuck on a 1 or 0. This is why some people see their computers acting up if left on for a good while (like a week+).
  14. What can't the FHC do?

    Tá culpa daoine as Eireann anseo agus is rud íontach é! And it's nice to see someone from Belfast speaking irish! I'm not too sure either how SSB could use the FHC but if anyone can get the control system sorted it's Nintendo. And I really hope they do - SSB is hectic enough with a normal controller, using the FHC would be madness!
  15. What can't the FHC do?

    We all know that the FHC is a pretty innovative and versatile piece of equipment but it surely can't cater for every genre. Or can it? Just wanted to start a topic dealing with this, get peoples opinions etc. Reason is because I was telling a friend (Sony fanboy to be precise) about the controller and he (predictably) called it a "gimmick" and that it would only work for mini-games bla bla bla. A game he suggested was 'Shaddow of The Colossus', but seeing as I've never played the game I couldn't give him a straight answer. So what gaming genres can/should the FHC not work for? People suggest genres that they think it might not work with and others can post their opinions on how it could. I think it will broaden some peoples (me, for starters ) ideas on how the FHC can be used. And in the words of the great John Lennon; "Make love not war", so no flaming or opinion-bashing please.