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  1. Free game if you have a 3DS XL

    Thanks for posting this Serebii, I used this as a step by step guide to help download the free game on my mums new 3DS XL
  2. I can't say I remember such an accessory although I couldn't possibly say for sure.....
  3. VOTE: N-Europe's Top 25 Wii Games! (THANKYOU!)

    P.S - Apologies for the grammatical errors etc. I was a little bit drunk when I finished writing my post and also rushed it a bit to try and get it as close to the deadline as possible, no time for proof reading! :p
  4. VOTE: N-Europe's Top 25 Wii Games! (THANKYOU!)

    Administrators, please, please, please allow me to apologise for not making the 11:59pm deadline, I wanted to get this finished earlier but it was a friends 30th Birthday and I just did not manage to get the time I realise that a deadline is in place for a reason but if you can find it in your hearts to allow my post to be included then that would be so appreciated, especially when you seen how much time and effort I have put into it Please allow this to be included and taken into consideration for the Top 25 Wii games, I beg you 1. Mario Kart Wii Well where to start, I am a HUGE Mario Kart fan and I always have been ever since the very first incarnation, this has everything that all the previous versions had AND it even has the options to use bikes! (Which is something I always use now and it felt weird going back to karts on the Mario Kart 7!) Then there is the online mode, this is what makes the game, I have spent hours and hours and hours and hours online with friends, whether its in a worldwide race against others or in rooms where we have done Grand Prix's, Team Grand Prix's or Battles, this is by far the most fun I have ever had on any computer game and its because of this that not only is this my number 1 Wii game but quite possibly my number 1 game of all time With the introduction of Mario Karts first ever motion sensored steering and the Wii Wheel this adds a whole new dimension to the already great Mario Kart series Twilight Princess would have been number 1 but for me, gaming with friends/other people beats gaming solo All I can say is bring on the Wii U version! (HD Graphics & online is obviously a given but a track editor and more online modes would be awesome!) 2. The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess Being a HUGE Zelda fan and having played every game in the series (apart from the 2 on the DS) starting with the original on the NES as a 5 year old, I was anticipating this motion controlled adventure like a crackhead anticipating their next hit (sorry but you get the jist) I was SO eager to play this and I was ridiculously excited at the prospect, needless to say, it wasn't a disappointment nor an anti climax and if anything, it actually exceeding my expectations Using the Wiimote to slice and dice my way through enemies (and shrubs and grass) as well as perfectly picking off my foes with the bow and arrow felt like pure and utter magic, not to mention the shield bashing etc with the nunchuk, but this was only part of what made the game feel so great and innovative for me The actual story itself coupled with the adventure and drama that went along with it as well as the long treks through the fields to all corners of Hyrule was something that I really, really cherished and savored as well as the crisp graphics and as always, epic soundtrack A joy for me to play from the very beginning in the humble surroundings of Ordon Village to the bitter end in that epic battle with Ganon in the vast fields of Hyrule make this not only one of my favourite Wii games but also my favourite Zelda game of all time (yes, its not everyone's choice but for me, personally, this is the number 1 Zelda game, although at the time of writing I am only about half way through Skyward Sword so that opinion MAY change although I don't think it will, as great as Skyward Sword has been so far) 3. Mario Galaxy 1&2 To play a Mario game (Mario 64) in three dimensions on the N64 is an experience I will never forget and one which will forever live in the memory but for them to take the already incredible formula and better it with lush graphics, even more innovative level design and an amazing soundtrack is what makes Mario Galaxy 1&2 my 2 favourite Mario games An absolute joy to play from start to finish, these games just go to show that even without HD graphics, a masterpiece can be still be created with the tools they had at hand although they simply complement (and obviously do add) to the amazing experience of once again being in control of the most iconic and legendary game character of all time If you are yet to play either of these games then simply put, you haven't lived 4. The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword As I am yet to complete this game (yes, I have had it since Christmas last year and I am taking my sweet time with this and dragging it out for as long as I can, the fact that my gaming time is usually taking up by playing a lot of games online with friends helps me to prolong this even more, hence the reason it has taken me over 9 months to complete!) I am unable to give a full and frank analysis, but what I will say is that having played through at least half the game this is once again, an epic, epic Zelda adventure As per usual with any Zelda game, the soundtrack, charming colours and graphics the game provides add to the experience but it is the addition of the motion plus controls that add even more to the adventure and make this a truly amazing experience and one that I would implore any games player to embark on.....the mind boggles at how amazing the Wii U Zelda will be! 5. Disaster - Day of Crisis This is a game with which only a minority of people have played and one which I am very pleased and honoured to be one of those people Quite possibly one of the most dramatic gaming experiences of all time with its movie like, disaster themed storyline, Disaster : Day of Crisis offers one of the most diverse and innovative styles of gameplay that I can think of Whether its driving a car as fast as you can away from a humongous tsunami, whether its giving some poor civilian CPR, whether its shooting away at enemies or whether it is swimming through a flood with a Labrador under your arm, this game has it all and for anyone yet to experience it then I would IMPLORE you to give it a go, I can pretty much guarantee that you will love it 6. Donkey Kong Country Returns Another game I yet to complete (me and my girlfriend have been playing through it sporadically and are now up the final world) although I feel more than able to pass proper judgement on it This mixes the classic formula found in past Donkey Kong Country games with crisper, more colourful graphics that make this an absolute must for any Wii owner, a real throwback to old school platforming games with the added beauty of everything that is Nintendo 7. Wario Ware : Smooth Moves I have owned this game from the very first day I owned a Wii (sometime in December 2006) and it is something I still play to this day The perfect game for a right good laugh with friends or family alike that utilises the motion sensor Wiimote to its best ability Wario Ware : Smooth Moves is a game that never gets boring nor dated, with the addition of online play (here's hoping) on the Wii U version this could be a game to spend hours and hours playing online with friends or at home with guests 8. Wii Sports/Resort Again, one of the first games I got along with my Wii, just like Wario Ware this is a game I still play to this day and is perfect for not only trying to better your own scores but for getting friends and family involved I will NEVER forget my amazement and delight at how good this felt playing it the first time and I still marvel at Nintendo's ability to create a masterpiece with motion sensored controls only bettered with the motion plus addition of Wii Sports Resort One of the finest gaming experiences of all time and one which will forever live in my memory, a new version with online play for the Wii U would take it to a whole different level 9. FIFA 09 Being a MASSIVE football fan (Come On You Spurs!) this is a game that simply had to be in my top 10 if not for my love of football but for how well EA created the franchise for the Wii, FIFA 08 was great (if a little gimmicky) with its motion controls but FIFA 09 bettered that experience and with the addition of Classic Controller or Gamecube Controls make this the best football game available on the Wii I spent hours and hours playing this against 2 of my very good friends via the online mode as well as playing it with friends in local matches and it provided some of the most fun I have ever had on any football game, its just a shame the servers have now been disconnected and they made such a hash of FIFA 10!!! 10. Grand Slam Tennis Tennis is, and always will be, one of the most traditional and fun ways to play a computer game, ever since its humble and basic beginnings of Pong This game makes full use of the Motion Plus technology and it is simply incredible how accurate and precise it makes hitting any type of shot you want The online mode is superb and I have spent, literally, 2 hours, playing a full 5 set match on Wimbledon's Centre Court against one of my good friends via online, every point feels like a battle and is as close to playing real tennis as you can get, absolute class Honourable Mentions 1. Guitar Hero 3 A great game which leaves you coming back for more and bettering your score, I will never forget the day the actual Guitar arrived one morning and for me to promise myself id have one ''quick'' go only to find myself still playing it 8 hours later.....one of computer games most innovative and original ideas which has gone on to be a major franchise 2. Smarty Pants A superb quiz game that unfortunately lacks an online mode, fun for people of all ages and a great game to get out at Christmas when all the family are round (although me and my girlfriend do like the odd best of 3 every now and then ) 3. Wii Party Again, this is almost criminal that there is no online mode although even without that this is a great party game (literally) that is great to play with friends and family alike 4. Tiger Woods (every year) Even though this is 4th in my honourable mentions list, this could quite easily be in my top 10. All the Tiger Woods installments on the Wii offer amazing motion sensored accuracy with swings and putts (even better with the addition of Motion Plus) and move the ever epic franchise onto the next level with this clever innovation, great fun (oh and don't forget the addition of disc golf, quality stuff!) 5. Track Mania A superb racing game that offers quick bursts of fun and keeps you coming back for more. A Wii U version would be great. 6. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam A very clever take on skateboarding and the Tony Hawks franchise, one of the most fun experiences on the Wii and the high octane ride from top to bottom is one that will never be forgotten 7. Cursed Mountain Perhaps overdoing the motion sensor side of this is the only gripe I have with this game but even so, this offers a very freaky, yet unique gaming experience that I would recommend to anyone 8. Silent Hill - Shattered Memories The classic series came to the Wii and it didn't disappoint, as with Cursed Mountain though, this may have over done it in terms of using motion sensor for the sake of it but it doesn't take away from the experience An extremely bone chilling experience which has all the classic ''charm'' you would expect from a Silent Hill game. 9. A Boy and His Blob As with Donkey Kong Country Returns, A Boy and His Blob just goes to show that 2D platforming is far from done With gorgeous backdrops and clever gameplay, this is an excellent game that anyone would appreciate. 10. Boom Blox/Boom Blox Bash Party One of the best takes on a puzzle game and a very, very clever and ''moreish'' experience, great fun. 11. F1 2010 With the addition of motion sensored steering the ever classic F1 line of computer games is at its best on the Wii