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  1. I read your post as "jelly time shouldn't be a free home and food..."

  2. Okay cool. I'm in Central Friday anyway so let me know. My number is on my CV if you still have that somewhere, if not I'll send it you.

  3. Hey,


    You still around this week? If so let me know as I have a woeful lack of plans.

  4. Earlier you gave us placeholder cats. Now I give you Liquor Ipsum: http://liquoripsum.com/

  5. Birthday birthday it's your birthday!



    Squishin' my face because it's your birthday!

  6. Fix meeeeee :P

  7. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a331890/sugababes-new-amy-winehouse-album-up-to-her-family.html


    Because the Sugarbabes are clearly relevant.


    There's actually a joke in 30 Rock whereby they had one other main actor for the first few seasons then he's replaced. On the 100th episode they recall memories and the new guy says "I wasn't there for any of that" then he starts getting the memories of his predecessor. That's what I imagine its like in the Sugarbabes. None of them actually met Amy Winehouse but their predecessors did and their memories have been inherited.


    I actually kind of want that to be true now.


    (originally I was going to post this on Facebook but apparently it didn't agree)

  8. You're still alive! And listening to Josh Groban...

  9. Pictures prove nothing.



  10. Dude come on. We all know Claire is you.

  11. Well this is you basically saying "I've made another account".

  12. Shady's back?

  13. It's both of them.


    Was just curious as to whether or not its an easy fix because it will get used on Wednesday by others for my graduation so I guess its just a case of telling them. May pop into a camera shop and speak to them about it see what they can do but won't be able to do that prior to Wednesday.


    Cheers dude.

  14. I know you don't use Sonys but I can't even think what to google for this.


    With my camera (Sony Alpha 350) what you view is not what is taken. Its always too high and to the right. Is there any way to adjust this? Had a look through the menu and can't even think what to google to try and find out how to change it.



  15. You can dance! You can dance! Everybody look at your pants!

  16. Why don't you want to admit I know my shit? :(



  17. Sorting out some N-E databases (yeah my life is a non-stop Nelly video) and saw it.


    Teddy McGee is not necessarily cool but it is you.

  18. I learnt your real name earlier today! (and I've already forgotten it)


    Its not as cool as what I imagined your name to be. I thought it was Teddy McGee.

  19. Uz = yous. It (intentionally) fails in grammar, not txt spk.

  20. Without the ''s...?