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  1. Hmm well there is a list but it is tagged. There's also discussion about evolution of Alola forms that were not previously shown but obviously going to happen, are those spoilers? Moves and that?

  2. Hey. I'll try and spoiler tag some stuff in the Pokémon thread but what do you consider spoilers? I've never really considered Pokémon a game that could be spoiled so I'm flying a bit blind :heh:

  3. These are obviously just rough bullet points but:


    Awake form a long slumber

    Get Sheikah Slate (talks) - your guide

    Swords & magic in previous games, now technology

    Can change outfits


    Climb mountains and wall - stamina gauge (also for burst sprinting)

    Open world

    Chop down trees

    Korok returns - Wind Waker like design

    Take weapons from enemies

    Food gives you heart - icon in inventory shows you what items give you hearts

    Two remote bombs - square and circular

    Need to gear up in cold zones

    Weather changes - enemies and terrain behaves differently

    Amiibo support

    Shield-surfing but degrades shield

    Weapons can break

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day.

  5. Happy birthday!!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you've had a great day.

  7. Happy birthday!!!

  8. Cool. I do have a perfectly adequate laptop but the Surface is so small and portable...

  9. Hey! You got a Surface Book...Pro...thing right? Toying with getting one.

  10. Aren't you supposed to be in Spain working on your tan?

  11. Oh wait, it was from a S.G.C

  12. Just got an email from you asking if I'd like to purchase a boat...

  13. That does indeed, thanks so much!

  14. Hey. Random but do you know the RRP of Vita TV in Japan? Amazon has it for 10,000, but not sure if that's the in store price you'd expect to find.



  15. Yo.


    So do you use Unity then? As I mentioned, trying to learn it myself right now. Slowly but surely...

  16. Registered you back :)

  17. Ashley

    Chuck is finally going to start streaming on US Netflix December 20th. Only took them 11 months after signing the deal!


  19. Thanks for your comments in the chat room yesterday. I didn't see it until after you left but do appreciate it :)

  20. Happy birthday dude! Hope you've had a good day.