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  1. I've read the PMs you've been sending. Bartering sex for +reputation before realising we don't do that anymore and sleeping with them anyway.

    Shameful really.

  2. Congratulations on wining most ironic post of the year: http://www.n-europe.com/forum/showpost.php?p=969099&postcount=11577

  3. i wanna have your babies

    for serious like crazy


    (just don't tell / nando /)

  4. Thanks. I try and take good care of it. Glad its not going by unnoticed :)

  5. Ashley

    Hey hey, you should post more :p

  6. Haha I was round a friends and we were playing Mario Kart Wii and someone selected Daisy so I said "Hi I'm Daisy!" and they looked at me strange so I said "she says it..." and then when she didn't say it during the game I said "maybe it was on the GameCube...but she does!" Made me seem crazy.


    Classic catchphrase though.

  7. I didn't know you were a hamster...

  8. *bitchslaps....in the nuts*


    You asked for it.


    And im the only one writing on your wall. Loser :p

  9. A-ha! Not so smart now are you :p

  10. Does it work for you noooow?

  11. Eww you :p

    And pink and black? You big gay emo!

  12. I tried with reds and oranges originally but soon realised how fugly it was. Will come back to it at some point but I really should do uni work instead.

  13. Purple and green? You really are emo.

  14. My eyes burn! There is such a thing as subtley you know :p

  15. Hey, if you're this good than what should you expect? ;)

  16. Woo Ashley rocks!