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Status Updates posted by Ashley

  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Ashley

    Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one. 

    1. Ike


      It was, thanks. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Happy birthday! 

  4. Ashley

    happy bobday 

    1. bob


      Thank you. I had the bobest of days.

  5. Happy birthday!

    1. Fused King

      Fused King

      I thank you, my esteemed N-colleague 

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one. 

    1. Jonnas


      Thank you very much, Ashley! :smile: Don't have many plans for today, but hopefully the rest of the month (for which I have several plans) will make up for it.

  7. Happy birthday!

    1. Ronnie


      Thanks, but it's not my birthday ! :laughing:

    2. Ashley


      Can't believe you lied to the sign up form! 

  8. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one. 

  9. Late in the day but happy birthday! Hope you've had a good one. 

    1. Dcubed


      Cheers mate! I was actually working through most of it unfortunately, but I'll be celebrating it over the weekend to make up for it!

      And I reckon that Ghosts N' Goblins Resurrection will be a nice one to play throughout, as I repeatedly die & bash my head against a brick wall trying to beat it.  Nice.

    2. Ashley


      If that's how you want to celebrate all the power to you. 

  10. Happy birthday Glen!

  11. Ashley

    Happy bobday!

  12. Ashley

    Happy birthday Iun! Hope you have a great day. 

    1. Iun


      Thank you, nice and quiet and then a crazy drunken brunch last Saturday!

  13. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day. 

  14. Ashley

    Happy birthday Ike! Hope you're having a great day :) 

    1. Ike


      Thank you. Had a nice day... staying indoors. It was a nice relaxing day though.

  15. Saw this on Instagram explore: 


  16. You're not alone!  Unless that's your account.
    (not sure if the embedding isn't working or its just my machine, but just in case: https://twitter.com/K1ttensocks/status/1005547154881040384)


    1. markderoos


      I’m not surprised at all! 

  17. Happy birthday! I hope you're having an amazing day. 

    1. Aneres11


      Ahh thanks Ashley!! It's been great thank you. Thirty isn't so bad after all! :)

  18. Ashley

    Oooooooooooohhh shit it's your birthday!  And you haven't visited in months (rude) but hope you have a wonderful day.

  19. Happy birthday!  Hope you have a fantastic day :)

    1. Fused King

      Fused King

      Oh wow, didn't think anyone here would remember!

      Thanks you so much!

    2. Ashley


      In fairness the forum reminds me (if I remember to look at the calendar). But yes, I could never forget you! 😊

  20. Walking down Southbank earlier and came across this:



  21. Ashley

    price point

  22. I feel kind of bad that the last time someone posted here was me wishing you happy birthday last year...but happy birthday! Hope its a good one.

    1. Ashley


      Hah same again this year!  At least I'm consistent :)

      Have a great birthday.

  23. Ashley

    Oh shit I just noticed its your birthday! Hope you're having a great one.

  24. I think you should mostly be fine then. Alolan Persian is discussed but not shown outside of a spoiler tag. Other new Alola ones are within a spoiler tag now (someone didn't use it). Moved some move things behind a spoiler tag but others aren't as it's very much "this is what they have at the very start" so...I dunno.


    There's some vague descriptions of Pokémon (mostly what animal they look like) but no names.


    You might be fine, but it might be best if you ignore the thread? It depends on your tolerance I suppose.