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  1. http://courses.csm.arts.ac.uk/pdf/course71.pdf That's the course info (page 5 for portfolio). I can't see anything there, nor on the site so...open book I'd guess? I did email them two weeks ago asking if there is a preference and no response. And tried ringing them several times but always end up getting forwarded to the wrong department >_<

  2. You're not alone!  Unless that's your account.
    (not sure if the embedding isn't working or its just my machine, but just in case: https://twitter.com/K1ttensocks/status/1005547154881040384)


    1. markderoos


      I’m not surprised at all! 

  3. tumblr_mbur1bDD741rcp17co1_500.jpg Now you too can dress like Gunter!
  4. Just seen this and thought you may dig it: 



    1. Glen-i


      Yeah, that's pretty ballin'.

      Thanks for that.

    2. Ashley


      Yeah I like his art style

  5. Saw this on Instagram explore: 


  6. 'cause you're not on chat? Unless, are you sexy_ (well obviously you are but you know what I mean :p)


    Trying querying me.

  7. "Bitch should be locked in a room and left to suffer on his own sorry ass."

    Danny or Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi?

  8. "genericer"

    Can I ask for a translation please? :p

  9. "I'm pretty sure 3D doesn't work for me and my broken eyes. Hooray for the future!"




    Its basic science...

  10. "Like the gyms the puzzle is the main attraction build up to the even mainer attraction that is the gym leader, with some trainer battles along the way. That is something I'd like to see, but on a larger scale."


    What does that even mean? And Mainer isn't a word :p (well, its a person from Maine but I doubt that's what you meant)

  11. "Man, if I were allowed to give infractions for ignorance..."

    I don't think anyone would oppose really.

  12. *bitchslaps....in the nuts*


    You asked for it.


    And im the only one writing on your wall. Loser :p

  13. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a331890/sugababes-new-amy-winehouse-album-up-to-her-family.html


    Because the Sugarbabes are clearly relevant.


    There's actually a joke in 30 Rock whereby they had one other main actor for the first few seasons then he's replaced. On the 100th episode they recall memories and the new guy says "I wasn't there for any of that" then he starts getting the memories of his predecessor. That's what I imagine its like in the Sugarbabes. None of them actually met Amy Winehouse but their predecessors did and their memories have been inherited.


    I actually kind of want that to be true now.


    (originally I was going to post this on Facebook but apparently it didn't agree)

  14. http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/07/iphone-4-vs-the-smartphone-elite-evo-4g-n8-pre-plus-and-hd2/ Although perhaps not entirely relevant as I think we're ahead with phones. I know the Desire (and I think Legend) are ahead of the HD2.


    http://www.mobile-review.com/review-en.shtml Do good reviews (ie detailed and with lots of pics) but is Russian based so don't have the same phone sometimes.


    I need to look around for phone info as I have an interview at a repair/unlocking place on Thursday. If I find a decent site I'll let you know (as most I've come across are a case of "here's a bit of info, now buy it from our affiliate!") as you just wanna compare yeah?


    Good luck with the job hunt :) Sorry to hear you didn't get the other.

  15. http://www.goape.co.uk/


    Sounds similar to what you were describing.

  16. http://www.shopncsx.com/taikoplush.aspx :D


    BTW you can use quotation marks in the titles but it doesn't show up and if you make any changes to the body of the text you have to put them back in. @D_prOdigy