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  1. I got my AR cards today, about a week after ordering them on the Stars Catalogue! Never had it so amazingly quick before.


    Anyway, does anyone know when the Panini album/cards are due out? I need to be 10 years old again.


    Same here. Wait, not even a week. I ordered mine on Saturday last week.


    Yeah I was wondering when it was coming out.

  2. No i haven't, i would like to though. Be nice if there was a regular time people played like with the Mario Kart 7 league.


    Someone should make a league. It'd be lots of fun! ^-^

  3. On the Japanese sites, there's a note under the art saying that a beam won't actually emerge from your 3DS during play. True story.


    OUTRAGE! I wanted that cool looking beam coming out of my 3DS!

    It was the whole reason to buy the game!

  4. But what about Super Smash Brothers Universe


    Or will that be: Super Smash Brothers Punch U right in the Fucking Face BecaUse we didn't pUt your favoUrite Characters in it.


    That could work.


    Super Mario Universe is a pretty cool name, imo.


    I hope that the next 3D Mario game will be a bit like Galaxy 2 but with some updated and new features.